Sunday, March 2, 2014

ID: They're Off

It was a beautiful day out at Willow Lake as the teams left us and headed down the trail to Nome. Denali was out, standing proud and majestically over proceedings.

Both teams got out safely and looking great. I have lots of pics and videos to edit and will post asap but thought you might like to see these first.

Aliy and the Red Team are on their way to Nome

Allen and the Black Team follow soon after

Having our two mushers just nine spots apart made for a very quick turnaround to get Aliy on the trail then run back to the truck to get Allen to the line. Here's a quick shot of how we felt once they both got on the trail!

Pics by Jen Nelson used with permission


AK Michele RN said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for posting! Looking forward to the Video & more pics! Gooooo ALIY! (and Allen ;) MUSH ON!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!!

A-town's Becky said...

You guys are all so AWESOME!
Thanks for sharing the pictures!
All three team look fantastic!

Amy Falise said...

Great job team! You deserve a well earned rest! Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. It's going to be a great race!

Lourdes, VT said...

What great looking teams they are, both, Red and Black! All the dogs look so fit and enthusiastic, yet focused!!!! They are TRUE CHAMPIONS!!!

And the crew did more than excellent job seeing the mushers and the dogs off to a great start, as can be seen in the last photo!

You guys are just great!!!

Thank you much for keeping us posted!!!

Safe travels Aliy, Allen and beautiful dogs.

Kudos to the crew!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Great job crew. You deserved a rest. Thanks for the pictures. Both teams look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

What an awesome send off!!!

The two teams appeared to be like wound up springs leaping from the line!

And so the pic of the exhausted but elated SP Kennel support team was a perfect foil!!!

So grateful for the borrowed snaps, sincerely,


Anonymous said...

The entire support team is simply MAGNIFICENT! Thanks to everyone and good luck to Aliy and Allen.

Leanna said...

You are the BEST! Thanks for all the videos, pictures, information and stories. You make the race come alive for your fans, This Camano Islander is cheering for the Red and Black Teams!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Well done, team!

Deb said...

GORGEOUS!! We SO appreciate all your hard work for Aliy, Allen, the AWESOME dogs, and in the midst of what had to have been some real nail-biting, busy activity getting everyone out of the gate, that you took to the time to get pics and video for us! Thank you! It really does put us "there" and make us feel a part of everything even from thousands of miles away. These first pics of Aliy and Allen leaving made our hearts swell with joy and pride. Loved seeing Quito and Waylon-baby-blue-eyes chompin' at the bit and Rarin' to go! BOL! (that's "Barking Out Loud"!) =D
We are praying for super safe, uneventful travel through the upcoming treacherous trail conditions and all the way to Nome. Looking forward to more pics and vids.

Your die-hard, loving fans in Spruce Pine, NC

Debbi & David Robinson

Nessmuk said...

Thanks for the pictures!! The Teams both looked great! Hope the Kennel Crew enjoyed some "down time" now that the teams are on the trail and on their own. But I'm guessing you all still have a lot to do to keep ya busy! Refresh, refresh, refresh!

Lisa B said...

Thanks for all the posts and pictures of the past couple days leading up to the Willow start. You've all done such hard work and it shows! Love the doglog coverage and I'm proud to cheer Aliy and Allen down the trail. Go Red! Go Black! Go Dogs!

Britty's mom said...

Happy trails to Red & Blace teams! Have a great race!

Holly Freeman said...

Handlers- Thank you for all the hard work you do to make the teams successful!

Looking fine Aliy and Allen, and dogs!

Stay safe and strong on the trail.
We are so proud of SPK!!