Saturday, March 1, 2014

ID: Team Rosters

Thirty two dogs will head down the trail with Aliy and Allen from Willow tomorrow afternoon.

Aliy's Red team will be lead out by QUITO and WAYLON (below), followed by NACHO and BOONDOCKS in swing, OLIVIA and CHICA, SCRUGGS and SCOUT, CHEMO and WILLIE, CLYDE and PUD, MAC and SISSY with BISCUIT and SCHMOE in wheel. Click here to go to the team roster page to find out more about the team.

Allen's Black team will be lead out by BEEMER and DINGLE (below), followed by VIPER and RAMBLER in swing, LESTER and SCOOTER, OUTLAW and BORIS, MISMO and FELIX, BONITA and IZZY, TUG and PUPPET with FANG and TATFISH in wheel.

Allen's team has FIVE Iditarod rookies: Boris, Outlaw, Mismo, Felix and Izzy. Click here to go to the team roster page.

There are many great dogs that have been left behind and we want to give special thanks to the sponsors and fans of those dogs who haven't made the final cut. Your dog has made a huge contribution all season and without him or her the others wouldn't be able to do the things they do. They've been there on training runs, they've been the core of the "short-run" team (the team that runs shorter mileages so dogs coming back from injury can slot in to a team) or they pushed hard for a spot on the starting squad.

We realise you might be disappointed your dog isn't heading to Nome this time but they are just as valued and special as the 32 on the trail and they are superstars too, they just might not get as much press! Wes, Wendy and Ryne will be looking after them back home at the kennel and they will be very well cared for!


Nessmuk said...

This is it.....the post we have all been waiting for!! Both teams look great and it must have been hard to make the final cut with all that SPK talent to choose from! Love ya Red and Black Teams AND all the bench warmers this time around! I am so proud to be an SPK fan! And a special shout out to the 4 glad to see new dogs shine....and Chemo....your Sponsor Moms are so proud of you!! Good trails to all!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Stellar teams both Red and Black!! Godspeed to both teams and to Aliy and Allen!!!
A big thank you to ALL the dogs at SP Kennel! They are all stars as well!!!
Looking forward to trail updates!!
See you in Nome!!!!!

Dennis Nielsen-Wisconsin said...

It's been stated by more than one person that you are the best kennel in Alaska and I truly believe that is an understatement. I think you are the best in the world!! What an honor to watch you!!

Leanna said...

How will I get any work done this week? Great lineup! One of my fan dogs is on the Black Team this year. Run Outlaw Run!

Anonymous said...

Great line ups! Safe travels to all...human and canine...and please give those bench warmers some extra treats and belly rubs and let them know how much all the SPK fans appreciate their contribution!

A-town's Becky said...

Ditto to all that!!!
Stellar teams!
I have to add, I'm super excited to watch Biscuit head to Nome with Aliy for his 8th ???????? Iditarod! And to see Tatfish show the youngsters to Nome with Allen, for his 7th.

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for these awesome details!!!

As others have said, both teams look like "winners" - but then so is SP Kennel itself!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Linda Toth said...

I did not remember that Fang and Outlaw made the Iditarod trip last year. Great to see the rookies make their first run. I think Allen has a power packed team, even though he will be taking it a bit slower than Aliy's. Fascinated by what goes into choosing the final teams.

Gypsy Linda says, "Smooth sailing despite a rough trail to both teams - I see no sled repairs in my crystal ball." I feel good about this race.

Kiz said...

Wishing a great race to SPK teams from NYC!

Karen in Maryland said...

I'm so sorry that I can't be there this year!
Good luck Aliy and Allen!

marilyn cozzens said...

Great teams and safe, fast, fun travels to Nome. Did something happen to Ranger? He was on the start team but didn't make the final team. SPK is the absolute best as has been stated many, many times!! No other kennel is even close.

Amy Falise said...

Awesome lineups! You guys are the best of the best and SP Kennels is bound to sweep the Iditarod this year! Go pups!!! We're all rooting for you both here in NW Ohio! Go SP Kennels! Woo Hoo!

Heidi Phillips said...

Go Red and Black teams!!!! Thanks to for the update on the other pups, they are in good hands with Ryne, Wes and Wendy….Psst Ryne,,,pass a few extra treats to Woody for me…;) ;)


SP Kennel Crew said...

Edit: sorry! Outlaw is also an Iditarod rookie on Allen's team. I've edited the post