Sunday, March 9, 2014

ID: Sunday Morning Update

Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I sure didn't sleep last night.  I went back and forth between worrying about Aliy and the dogs to worrying that we wouldn't make it out to Nome in time to see her come in.  Now that I've taken a few deep breaths and eaten something, I'm worrying about Aliy and the dogs and pretty sure we will make it to Nome in time.

There is a lot a speculation going on about what is happening in the race, but this is what we know.  The trail is very tough and in poor condition.  Aliy is in the lead heading from Shaktoolik to Koyuk.  Jeff King is showing slightly faster times and has closed the gap over the last two runs.  The Red Team has had substantially more rest since Kaltag than the teams around her.

This is what we have heard.  The front runners are on pace to break the record to Nome.  The Red Team looks great.  Aliy looked great in Unalakleet, but had a rough run to Shaktoolik.  She told Sebastian that she caught her foot in a ice hole and may have hurt her leg. 

We have been doing all types of calculations, trying to figure out when the Red Team will arrive in White Mountain and then into Nome.  The actual distances between checkpoints vary from year to year.  Using the smallest reported distance and an average speed of 7.5 mph, it is possible Aliy will arrive in White Mountain as early as 6 am Monday Morning.  That would have her out on the final leg to Nome at 2pm Monday afternoon and into Nome about Midnight.  However, the biggest thing to remember at this point is that there is a lot of race left.  Anything can happen over the next 200 miles to Nome. 

As always, Sebastian has been getting some great pictures.  Click on them to go to his articles.
Aliy Checking into Shaktoolik
Aliy taking care of her dogs in Shaktoolik
Allen and the Black Team have arrived in Kaltag.  He arrived at 8:59 am after a good run from Nulato.  Hopefully Meghan and Moira will be able to see him in Unalakleet before they head to Nome.


Justice 4 Dave Lewis said...
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Barb, CO said...

Thank you again and again for these updates. Our thoughts are with you all, our pups, our Aliy, our Allen and you, 24/7 now. When we are not reading/watching everything we can find, we are talking about the race and your blogs.

Badas Musher said...

WOW!! Wouldn't it be awesome if she won AND broke the record to NOME?!?!?!??!?!?!

Lisa B said...

I'd say there is probably no SPK fan who will get much sleep in the near future. Safe travels to all heading to Nome by non-dog team means. As to Aliy and Allen heading there via their fantastic dog teams? Get after it! So impressed by all they've done so far this race. Go Red! Go Black!

Anonymous said...

Go Aliy!!


marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much, Kaz. There are lots of us worrying. Safe travels to all. On to Nome. Aliy & team under the burled arch first!


I had trouble sleeping as well.....worrying about Aliy and the dogs. That foot stick in the ice and possible leg twist concerns me for her. Hope she came out of that one okay.

I was so worried about the other teams still having 14 dogs and coming up behind her...but I see Buser and King have dropped dogs, as have others. Ahhhh that helps the breathing a bit. Oh I just really hope she does it this year!!!


Anonymous said...

Aliy your staged to break the record and to show them how a true champ puts it to everyone while running a great race and being the best humanitarian to your team! We are rooting you on and praying for a Huge Win for the Red Team and you Aliy. Ron in AZ

Karen in Maryland said...

What a fantastic race!

Lourdes, VT said...

Thank you Kaz for the wonderful updates!!!! Believe me, you are not the only one without sleep!!! I've gotten to the point where, I don't even want to look at the race standings because I don't want to see that anybody gets in front of Aliy!!!!
My thoughts and prayers are with her and her team!!!!

A-town's Becky said...

Kaz and Sebastian thank you for letting us know what was going on with Aliy. I was hoping they stopped to snack, when the Red team pulled off the sea, but then she slowed so much after :-/
I certainly hope Aliy's leg feels better soon. She does a lot of the work herself in the next section of the race running up the hills. Having a bum leg could be devastating.
Her care and rest for the dogs has been so much better than Jeff's at this point, I'm hoping and praying that pays off for her.

This would be a great time for some words of wisdom from Allen.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Aliy. We're still watching that "silly tracker."

Gayla said...

Thank you so much for the updates and writing. I just found your blog this year and love it. Im and avid fan of the Iditarod and found this really great..
Would be so happy for Aliy :)

Thanks again,

Nessmuk said...

This Iditarod will go down in the books as one of the toughest runs to Nome....probably break the record for the least snow during Iditarod! I too have been worrying about the dogs and about Aliy and Allen with such a rough trail ahead of them. Im visualizing a big safety bubble around both Red and Black Teams as they make their way to Nome!

dragonfly domain said...

I set up a TV dinner table next to my bed. with the computer on it. So all I had to do was click the mouse and see where everyone was at the moment. I am worried about her leg. read everything late last night/early am. Continuing to pray for safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Big smiles and hugs ! You make us laugh, because we didn't sleep either ! Glued to what info we can get and eyes to the moon. God bless you all and may the dogs forever run...Nome-ward bound.
Team Miller ~ pulling for all ~

A-town's Becky said...

Words of wisdom...
from Allen's interview with Anchorage Daily News.

When asked about running dogs too hard too early,
Allen said the dogs "will let you know too. They'll just decide 'well, you know, I don't want to go any more.' Which happened to Jeff two years in a row last year."

If I remember right, last year that was about 26 miles up the trail from where they are in Koyuk right now. I hope Jeff's dogs remember the spot.

Deb said...

We were on the plane with Scotty and Bridgett last night. None of us wanted to turn our phones off until we saw Aliy into Unk. See you in Nome, Kaz... Deb from Ketchikan.

tonia said...

Thank you SP Kennel for all your work and the joy you share for mushing. We love being part of your adventure. We especially like being part of the Iditarod, where the lore of Alaska resonates with the sound of the village names, like Unalakleet, Shatoolik, Koyuk, and Elim. We are cheering for Aliy and Allen and each dog, whether in kennel or in harness. We're with you all the way!
Tonia, Herb, Sascha, and Amelia

tonia said...

We're with you all the way. "Big O", watch out for ice, your team mates, and Aliy are an inspiration! We send you a great big hug from California (how we wish we were there with you!
Tonia, Herb, Sascha and Mia

Anonymous said...

Kristin Ann,
Did the doctor look at her leg?

-Rex Lint

Linda Toth said...

I didn't answer before because I just couldn't. I was lost in a sea of worry and fret. My heart was splitting in two. I had to sit down and practice inner quiet for two hours before I could think through things calmly and realize - all is well. King had to make a break across the flats if he had any kind of chance. He is not as strong as Aliy and they are going over more hills. Teresa tells me no limp in the last video. Go Red Team.