ID: Saturday Night Update

Aliy lead the way out of Unalakleet after a bit over 4 hours of rest. Of the front runners, she was the only musher to have rested on the trail between Kaltag and Unalakleet.  Jeff King, Martin Buser and Sonny Lindner have also started making their way to Shaktoolik.

This section of trail will be very challenging. Both Sebastian Schnuelle and Joe Runyan are reporting poor trail conditions with little to no snow, glare ice, frozen ruts and increasing wind. Sebastian wrote that it would take a strong sled, a strong minded lead dog and a strong musher to navigate the hills and open coastline to Shaktoolik. Aliy and Quito are strong, mentally and physically and Allen built and rebuilt her sled into a lean, mean machine.  She is currently about 25 miles from the checkpoint and by her speed, she appears to be in the Blueberry Hills. 

Aliy - Gold Coast Award
Aliy receiving the Gold Coast Award (Click picture for Insider Video -

Allen has arrived in Nulato and is resting his team for their trip towards the coast. Once there, Allen will decide how much the Black Team can race on their way to Nome. He must be so proud of his youngsters!