ID: Out of White Mountain - Update

It's 6pm Alaska time.

Here's a quick pic from the tracker for those who don't have access. At this moment (disclaimer: according to the tracker!!) Aliy and team are 9 miles behind King.

Looking at pics from Sebastian's blog (below) Quito will single lead the team to Nome. He described Aliy as "determined" and the team "nice and solid".

Waking up from a nap

Quito; the team ready to leave White Mountain

Casey Grove from the Anchorage Daily News reported Aliy as saying "I'm going to try to catch him, the team looks good."

Click the pic below for the Alaska Dispatch article that describes a few mishaps on the team's run from Elim to White Mountain! Yikes.

In other news: Allen and the Black Team are in to Shaktoolik at 5.37pm! They are making great pace and doing so well; they're averaging 7.7 miles an hour! We're so so proud of them too.

And for a little light relief, here is Biscuit with Dr Mike Davis at the Clarion Suites yesterday evening. I told Mickey that I hoped he didn't pee inside. Biscuit too!