Saturday, March 15, 2014

ID: Meet the Mushers

This afternoon a huge crowd turned out to "The Mini" (Mini-convention centre) in Nome to meet the mushers. The queue was out the door with fans and supporters who had posters, T-shirts, photos and all manner of things for the mushers to sign.

The queue was out the door

Aliy signs posters for fans; Allen signs hundreds of posters

Iditarod 3-2-1 (Mitch, Aliy and Dallas)

Aliy hands over the Diptheria vaccine

The Mini is right next door to the dog yard so I snuck out and got a picture of Puppet!

Puppet-dawg looking very polar-bear-esque, squinting in the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

Great job by all!!!!!!!!!!! still waiting for the last 2 to get in < feeling like a mother hen>

A-town's Becky said...

Polar Puppet looks so sweet and content.
Aliy and Allen look like they are recovering nicely too.
Thank you.

tmcaleer said...

So great! Thanks for the update, Aliy and Allen look rested however now they have signers hand!

Best, Trish

Kristine Bunnell said...

Puppet is such a good girl! I got to take of her last year. So happy she made it to Nome!

Rose Albert said...

I sure like that photo of you between two champs, the Seavey's. You could not have any better friends then those two. I also want to say that you have some of the most beautiful dogs I ever seen. You yourself if Amazing beyond comprehension.

Jennie B. said...

Love this picture! Puppet looks so cozy in the sun.Until 2008 we had a white German Shepherd the kids always called polar bear. Puppet face reminds me of my big bear. And Aliy I thought of you again yesterday---in ongoing research of my family tree, I learned yesterday that my dad's baby sister died at 2 years old of diptheria related illness. It reminded me that you and Martin were carrying vaccine and how important the original trip to Nome must have been. Hope everyone is getting rested! Great job this year!

Anonymous said...

glad to see everyone looking better! (2 legged) Puppet looks great! and where can we get one of those posters? I cant say enough about how great the support team was in keeping us posted all around. Thanks to Mickey for the interview of Aliy!
Cant wait for the banquet!
Padee Santa Rosa

Correy said...

Great job to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Like a big family, all of you together in support there, all of us out here, time to celebrate.
Hugs to Puppet and all of the team
(yes polar bear looking!)

A fantastic year, Aliy and Allen,
wow again!!


Nessmuk said...

And once again, the serum makes it to Nome, threw the storm and everything....great job!! Looks like Nome certainly knows how to do it up right!! Again, wish I could have been there to meet and greet all the awesome Mushers!! Add a trip to a Nome to my bucket list!

Dawn from Maine said...

NICE!!! Puppet is beautiful! Thanks for remembering her/him. :) Looks like a fun time by all!

JettieG said...

Thank you all at SB for the great updates on Aliy, Allen and the doggies! Outstanding work.
I have had a close-up photo of Quito as my blogging avatar til the Red Lantern was extinguished, and have inundated my blogsphere with Iditarod news. You have many new fans worldwide!
Hope you all get a nice dinner and a rest. Will keep checking on SP news.
Kindest regards,

Lourdes, VT said...

Wow, what a great celebration! Everybody looks so happy
Aliy and Allen look great and rested.
Thank you Moira for posting the picture of Puppet-Dawg. She is beautiful and sweet and courageous πŸ‘ΌπŸΎ

Margaret said...

Thank you so much for the Puppet pic!!!

And thank you as well for the pictures from meet-and-greet - I know what the next prize to the Dog Fan drawing will include: The official Iditarod poster of the Red Team!!!

Hope Aliy's left hand recovers soon and at full mobility.

Awesomeness personified!!!

Linda Toth said...

Ah - there are my ladies.

Linda Toth said...

In case no one else has posted this here ..

artgyrll said...

Thank you for seeing your smiling faces!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for the pictures of meet & greet. Yes everyone looks happy and rested. The picture of Aliy between Mitch & Dallas is like a rose between (?). Thanks for the picture of Puppet, she looks gorgeous & rested. Thanks Aliy for carrying the Diptheria serum all along the trail. Am looking forward to the banquet. Hope we get to hear Aliy & Allen talk. Thanks so much for the post.

Heather Short said...

My little girl Caitlyn said that you are nice and did not say I hate you so you were ok to be in 2nd place in the race.