Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ID: Links to Media Stories

Good morning!

Meghan is back from the dog yard; everyone ate a huge meal and they've gone back to bed. We won't hear too much from them for a few days as they rest. We'll go down every couple of hours to check on them and I'll take the camera down there later - right now all you'll see is the outline of dogs under straw, jackets and blankets. BTW we saved a steak for Chica, she'll get it when she arrives in Nome.

I've found several great media stories about the events of last night that describe better than I could what happened. I've linked a few here.

The Iditarod website for Sebastian Schnuelle's blog. Keep watching the Official Iditarod website and Facebook page for developing news and updates.

Anchorage Daily News (click the pic to link)

The Alaska Dispatch (click the pic to link)

KTUU Channel 11 (click here)

Radio KUAC - Emily Schwing's reports.

Radio KNOM in Nome.

Fairbanks Daily News Miner.

I'm sure there are many others but they all tell the same story.


Unknown said...

Aliy, you are my hero. You are amazing...you fight harder than anyone I know...you have a smile that lights the sky...no matter what you are up against. You have such grace, even in the face of defeat. You take care of your dogs first, which means you have a heart of gold. You won in so many ways today, doesn't matter that you crossed the finish line 2 minutes behind Dallas. You inspire me to live life to the fullest. Thank you for being you!
Lisa Dick, Dog handler volunteer from CA

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for the post & links. Aliy's smile says it all, she is truly a class act. Am glad you saved a steak for Chica. She deserves it. Well done Aliy & team. SPK is the best.

Anonymous said...

We had the pleasure of meeting Aliy (and Allen) in person this year and found them to be just as nice as they have seemed through reading their website for years. I stand in awe of Aliy's ability to always smile and be patient with fans and media. She and her dogs out ran Dallas from Safety to Nome...a 19 minute lead cut to just over 2. I imagine there are a lot of teams who would love to say they placed 2nd just once, not to mention 3 years in a row. Hold your head high Aliy. We think the 17th dog from SP Kennel held up her end. Replay the finish and listen to those cheers when you came in and know that all across the country fans were adding their voice.

Nessmuk said...

Thanks for all the links....this race and it's environmental conditions will go down in history! I absolutely love the picture of Aliy on her sled at the finish line.....look at that signature smile!! You are THE BEST Aliy....and your team ROCKS!! Know you are loved by your fans and more importantly your dogs.....steak anyone? I'm switching up my Red SPK Beanie (I think people at work think it's glued to my head) to my "Allen Black Team" cap! Now if the wind would just cooperate we can get on with more SPK cheering! I absolutely dread the end of the Sled Dog Racing Season! Aliy....you are an inspiration to us all!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the links, even if the story is the same. I like reading about SPK in the news.

Rest well, and thank you for posting.

I am going to go through withdrawals once this is all over. Please post throughout the year so we can still see our 4-legged friends. Thanks.

Fan in Massachusetts said...

SPK blog will soon have to include links to websites dealing with Iditarod withdrawal symptoms among your many fans In the lower 48.

Many of us have re calibrated our personal lives and schedules around the race, becoming adept at anticipating speeds and checkpoint arrival times so that we know when we may have time to do anything else but be be glued to our computers.

It is probably therapeutic to have a lower intensity schedule for the Black Team, to ease us down from our high.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much for these links! I treasure them. Right now, my favorites...

1. The video of Aliy being interviewed for about 10 minutes post race in a school gym (I think Mickey is in the background) is awesome!

2. The Alaska Dispatch has that story another blogger pointed out a while ago - very funny (the one wherfe Poquita takes off at 20mph:


Holly Freeman said...

What an epic journey you have been on...all of the mushers and teams this round.
Thank you for the links.

Hope all are getting a mega dose of Rest and Recovery from this truly surreal trip!! Sissy I am so proud of you!!

Black team be safe...we carry you in our hearts.

stormylntz said...

Aliy and her team are as tough S's a pail full of of nails!I mean it when i say you all are my heroes. Allen and Aliys ethics in regard to the safety of their dogs is unparalleled!

Lourdes, VT said...

Great links guys..,,,as always !!!! I noticed that the person to set the pace the race was Aliy and the most conscious the trails conditions was also her !!!!
You are a true winner Aliy!!!'n

Eileen said...

The Alaska Dispatch is a tearful, heartwarming, and delightful interview. I was crying through it, heartbroken about #2, until her last zinger. Way to go, Aliy! You are one awesome competitor!


Melissa Krahmer said...

Aliy, I know you hear this a lot. But you truly are an inspiration!

Amy Falise said...

Aliy is my role model and my hero. She is a true champion; a complete package of good attitude, endurance, ethics, leadership, approachability, honesty, and sportsmanship. The excellent way she treats her dogs is a testament to her character and her priorities.

I have learned so much by following the SP Kennel blog and the individual races' Facebook pages. It is admirable to see how the mushers look out for each other, share equipment and have friendly exchanges. It is an honorable sport with honorable athletes competing against each other. What other sport can claim that? I can't think of one.

Thank you, Aliy, for helping me fall in love with sled dog racing! You didn't take first place this year, but you are still a CHAMPION!

Kris said...

I love following you-you are an inspiration to women everywhere. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I could never say it enough how much admiration I have you Aliy and the entire SP Kennel family. Because of you, I am forever hooked in supporting you and your kennel. I love what you do for the sport of mushing and the positive impact you have on the lives of so many. Thank you!!!! You are amazing!!!! Can't hardly wait for next mushing season!