Monday, March 17, 2014

ID: Leaving Nome

Precious cargo has just left Nome bound for Anchorage!

The dogs are in their individual kennels flying to Anchorage as you read this where Allen, Mickey and Doug are waiting to pick them up. Meghan flew out about the same time as the dogs so will be there soon and Aliy, Moira and Bridgett will follow tonight after packing up the rest of the gear.

Mac-sized kennels and Boondocks-sized kennels and everything in between

Wrapping and loading precious cargo

Thanks to the team at Everts Air Cargo who took such great care with our friends to make sure they are safe and secure for their flight to Anchorage.

Thanks also to the wonderful volunteer team at the dog lot in Nome. It was such a comfort to know you were there 24 hours a day to keep an eye on our friends; replace blankets that blew away in the breeze, plump up straw and give them a kiss or two. You all did an awesome job and we can't thank you enough.

Aliy with long time Nome dog lot volunteer and SP Kennel sponsor Deb Davis (Deb and Hunter sponsor Shiner and Spark)


Anne Harvey said...

Awesome! I'm sure it will feel good to get everyone home safe and sound! Thanks for the updates!

Nessmuk said...

Safe travels everyone!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Oh man, I wish so much to, some day,be a volunteer at the dog lot in Nome!!! I would love those dogs and take care of them so much...::,,
Safe travels to dogs, mushers, Meghan, Moira and All of you!!!!
Wonderful race season!!!!
God bless!

Dryden Family said...

Praying for safe travels for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the safe travels!

Feel better, get healthy again and to all the 4-legged team members, a big...woof, woof, woof!!!


llp7 said...

What an incredible process!!! So glad you are ALL heading home. I'm sure it will be good for you all, including the dogs, to be back home and happy.

All the best to you guys. Thank you for such a wonderful sport and your fantastic teams to root for!

Linda L Preston

John Dean said...

Safe travels. Will see you again next year under the arch. Will be waiting with a large cup of St Nickerdoodle for you. You and Allen are the best.

God bless,

Wendy Fick said...

So proud of all of you and very thankful for the amazing support staff there for Aliy, Allen and doggies.

Safe travels. We would love to see you at Horizon Lines on your way through town, and know that you are ready to be home and comforable in your own space. :D

Safe travels, and Congrats to all on jobs well done!

Anonymous said...

What is the best about dogsale? Their love of pleasing us humans, to run like the wind for us in a race. What is the best about a musher? The need to take care of the devoted dogs. Scratching a race, for the sake of the dogs. Enjoying a win with them, whatever place they've made.
Now that it is home time ,time for a good rest for both. Aliy, all the best for the team, dogs and humans.
Anna de Wit, UK

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a fantastic journey.

marilyn cozzens said...

What precious cargo indeed. Without those wonderful dogs there would not be Saracen. Thanks for all the great memories & your wonderful posts. Safe travels home & a great rest for all.

Ingrid said...

So happy to hear everyone got home safe and sound. Sorry I could not congratulate Allen on a great run, we were away.
Love Allen's quote "Pull up your big boy pants and get zesty!"
I hit my complaining daughter with this one and she laughed so hard she said she just might try it! Loved it.
Kudos to the Royalty team of sled dog racing. Aliy, Allen, doggies and fantastic team members.
You well deserve to be proud of everyone.
Ingrid and Russ, Canada

LeeAnn, N.C. said...

Thank you for sharing the journey! All the best for a complete recovery and renewed strength. Wags, from North Carolina