Friday, March 7, 2014

ID: Galena

As Aliy and the team rest in Galena it reminded me that SP Kennel has a recent link to the village.

Some of you may remember back in May the village of Galena and other villages along the Yukon suffered flooding when the Yukon River suddenly broke from its winter freeze and spilled over its banks. I remember the admiration for the dedication of mushers in the village as they rescued their dogs and ensured they were safe. Click the pic below for a link to the SPK Doglog story about this.

You may also remember that SP Kennel took in 16 evacuated sled dogs for a few weeks until they were able to return to their owner Carlson Malemute (click here for the link to that story).

One wonders if Aliy might get a chance to catch up with Carlson and his dogs while she is in Galena?


A-town's Becky said...

I remember the flood story, and hope Aliy gets to see Carlson.

More importantly I hope Aliy gets to warm up and sleep with her teammates in Galena.
This will be her last chance for a long checkpoint rest until White Mountain?
Sleep Red team, sleep, ignore those other teams.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and we all remember that SP Kennel (Mom???)noted that it was ironic that after taking in the Galena dogs, later that summer the fires forced the SP Kennel dogs and folks to evacuate!

AK Michele RN said...

Awwww, great story!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these updates! This is a great site. Next best thing to Facebook (hint, hint). I wish the media would feature her in headlines, but the standings at least speak for themselves! GO ALIY!
Kathy in Missouri

Anonymous said...

Martin still competing with Aliy for 1st.

Robert, Nic, Aaron, Hugh, Sonny, Mitch, Kelly and Jeff all vying for 2nd.

Keep your head on straight Aliy, and enjoy the race of your live!

SPK rocking the trail!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad Martin likes to sit and not "ski pole" or "kick" like Allen and Aliy.

A-town's Becky said...

In Sebastian's last post I don't see Biscuit in wheel.
I'm not good are recognizing the dogs.
I'm sure it must be difficult even for their trainers.

I felt like this year...


Would show the "old men" like Mitch and Robert how to DO IT.

BTW, I don't really think those guys are old at all.

I mean, come on?

Biscuit: 8.5 X 7 = 59.5
and Biscuit doesn't think he's old

Biscuit's still proving he is an absolute champion!!!

Still hoping Biscuit is in there to Nome, but super proud of him no matter what.

marilyn cozzens said...

Great story. Thanks. Go Aliy & Red Team