Friday, March 7, 2014

ID: Friday Evening Update

It's 9.30pm Alaska time.

The Red Team arrived in to Nulato at 7.47pm this evening are are currently still at the checkpoint.

Sebastian caught some great pics of the team on the river between Galena and Nulato and also some pics at the checkpoint. His story says she plans to drop two dogs so we are awaiting news about that and will wait the confirmed statistics once they leave the checkpoint. If this is the case, it means she will leave Nulato with 12 team mates which is still a decent sized team!

Since the last update this morning, the Red Team have completed their mandatory eight hour Yukon River rest. They're now on an even playing field with Buser, Petit, Sorlie, Maxiner, Burmeister and Neff in the Current Standings top ten list. Lindner, King and Seavey the Younger round out the rest of the official top ten but have not completed their eight hour rest.

Emily Schwing from KUAC caught this great shot of Scruggs and we think maybe Clyde or Willie resting in the morning sun in Galena. They look so peaceful! She spoke to Aliy about her position at the time. Click here to listen.

The Black team rested on the leg from Cripple to Ruby for about five hours during the heat of the day. At the time of writing they are around 10 miles out of Ruby.

Meghan and I have the opportunity, along with Doug (Aliy's Dad) to go to Unalakleet tomorrow to see if we can catch Aliy and hopefully Allen through the checkpoint. We're looking forward to the opportunity to see the Village and parts of the trail from the air! We are not able to help the teams in any way so will be limited to the side-lines but it will be great to see them in person after so many days. We're looking forward to it!

I'll leave you in the very capable hands of Kaz for a couple of days for the daily updates. I'm not sure what internet I will have but hopefully I can post some pics from the checkpoint.


Mike Frerichs said...

Thanks for another great update!

Anonymous said...

Thanking you for the great updates, go, Aliy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aliy, Wonderful pictures and up date, Thank You! Following you through. Got up to check your status and say a prayer for you and for blessings on your continued push to Nome. Still amazed and so wonderfully proud how well you are doing Aliy! Along with how the Red Team is working. Sending you blessings, prayers and huge amounts of luck! You can do this go get them and be 1st in Nome. From your posting I am keeping folks on my Facebook up to date all are cheering for you Aliy! Ron in AZ.

Thermomancer said...

How important is it to have a lot of dogs going over the portage?

Grace said...

Go Aliy go!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Ditto on great update...

Have a safe trip to Unalakleet - looking forward to pix from the air as well as on the ground!

Woof, woof, woof!!!


Anonymous said...


Holly Freeman said...

GO Aliy!!! I have a big smile seeing that you are #1 right now. SP stay healthy, hydrated rest when you can, and know that many are behind and with you.
Also pay no attention to Joe Runyon who can be a twit.

Leanna said...

Aily's out of Kaltag in 1st place! She sounded tired (of course) in Galena. Seeing her dad and the crew in Unalakleet will hopefully bolster her spirits. There is still a lot of race left... its nerve racking!

b said...

Go Aliy!

Nessmuk said...

I love how Aliy and her team moved on thorough Kaltag....and the tracker has her moving nicely out ahead. The folks on the Iditarod site say her Team looked alert and energetic!! I really enjoy this part of the race! Go Red Team!

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from Oregon to the SP teams for continued health and joyful running! Looking forward to pics of happy dogs in Nome. Take care all.

JudyGee said...

What a terrific feeling to log into the Insider this A.M. see Aliy in first place at this stage of the race!!! Like Holly I have a smile on my face.

One concern here : Aliy has dropped 4 dogs. How will this affect her? Does anyone know which dogs were dropped and why?

Go, go, go Aliy. There are a lot of people pulling for you to win this one!

A-town's Becky said...

Holly Freeman, read Sebastian

Nessmuk: precisely what I was thinking, nothing like last year at this point on the trail, whew!

Aliy is on her way to Unalakleet!
It's time for another...

Aliy VS Aliy update!!!

Aliy 2014 has crushed her previous times.
mushers ax, sledge hammer, a blender...crushed!

Aliy 2014 left Kaltag
over 14 hours sooner than Aliy 2013.

Aliy 2014 left Kaltag
almost 13 1/2 hours sooner than Aliy 2012.

Keep in mind, Aliy 2012's final time was about 11 1/2 hours slower than the Iditarod record.

Does anyone think she'll coast?

I suspect Aliy 2014 will set a time that can only be beaten by...

Aliy 2015?
Aliy 2016?
Mwa ha ha ha ha

Disclaimer: I headed in to work last night at the same time Aliy got in to Kaltag. No, I wasn't sleeping. This is more sleep deprived math.

Moira, Meghan and Doug, safe travels, and have lots of fun.
I hope you get to Nome too!!!
Gonna be a big year, yes it will!

Anonymous said...


It's important to have healthy, strong, energetic dogs. It's a long distance and hilly, not an area you want to carry dogs in. Aliy had 12 dogs, Dallas 11, here in 2012. Aliy and Mitch both had 11 dogs in 2013 at this point.

From here to the finish, Aliy's time was faster in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Awesome updates. Thanks. I have no doubt that Kaz will continue to keep us on the edge of our seats...oh wait - that's Aliy that is doing that!

Team Family - Go give her all our love and best wishes.

Sharona said...

to the Anonymous with the math and the 2012 and 2013 records: Thank you! Good stuff.

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for such great info. Aliy keep to your plan. Safe travels to Unakleet. Looking forward to pictures from the air & your updates from "on the ground ". Go Aliy & Red Team.