Sunday, March 2, 2014

ID: Ceremonial Start Videos

Meghan rode with Aliy for the Ceremonial Start yesterday and took the video camera with her.

I caught some video from the Allen's tag sled!

It was so fun (and such an honour) to ride along and see the crowds of people in downtown Anchorage cheering on all the mushers. Some were barbecue-ing and partying, others politely clapping but all smiling and having a great time. The trail was really good and the city had done an awesome job shipping in snow for the parts of the trail on the city streets. Lots of volunteers lined the route making sure traffic was controlled and everyone was safe. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make the Ceremonial Start happen.

What I didn't capture was the bit where I wiped out in front of a large crowd as we did a sweeping left turn. Yes, I will admit that does top the list of embarrassing moments in my life! (Edit: yes, I'm fine - thank you for asking!)


A-town's Becky said...

"Moira hanging on for dear life"
I guess there was good reason for that statement!
Glad you survived Moira, hopefully without too many bruises.
The videos are wonderful. Thank you Meghan and Moira for taking us with you on the tag sleds!
Best wishes to all team members today.

Wendie said...

Neat!!!! Love it... makes you feel that you're a part of things.

Anonymous said...

I had just finished checking the Iditarod video (finally) and found Aliy's start at 35.47 and Allen's at 53.30.

BTW - You can move the slider direct to Red Team and Black Team ceremonial starts!!! And then...

Wow!!! AWESOME video by SP Kennel Video Team for Red and separately, Black Ceremonial Start teams!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Thanks so much!!!


Lourdes, VT said...

What great videos you took, Meghan and Moira!!!
I noticed Miss Quito and Mr. Shmoe checking out the crowds like the celebrities that they are!!! They were so adorable!!!
Don't be embarrassed Moira! It's all part of the good Alaskan Experience that you are so fortunate to be living.
Thank you for the wonderful post!!! 😊⭐️🐾

Anonymous said...


Are you OK???

Anonymous said...

Did you break anything???

Anonymous said...

OM Goodness! Great Videos Meghan and Moira! you all go above the mark, and we all are so grateful. What an exciting start, have a wonderful race SP Kennel Teams! woof woof.
we love you all! Thanks to ALL the support teams we love what you do for us and the SP kennel.
Padee- Santa Rosa CA

Nessmuk said...

Thanks for the videos.....great perspective of the start!! Glad you are ok Moira!! Phew!

Dawn E said...

Thanks so much for taking us along!

marilyn cozzens said...

Dittos to above comments. Thanks so much Meghan & Moira for the videos. It is like riding along. Glad you are okay Moira. GO SPK.

A-town's Becky said...

Once again, You guys on the Dog Log are amazing.
I'm not so happy with the I.I. web site at the moment, their live start video cut out before Newton Marshal, Aliy was next, it still isn't back on. I'm going to keep trying to see if I can watch Allen, but it's not looking good. I'm soooooooo thankful that the SPK Dog Log crew get it right for us!!! Thank YOU!

Ingrid said...

All the best to the Red and Black teams.
It's very disappointing that we cannot connect to the Iditarod website, even though we are registered insiders.
We have tried for more than 3 hours and nothing works so we have missed all of the re-starts.
Hopefully you have some videos showing this.
Ingrid and Russ, Canada

Anonymous said...

Time for a little imagination....
Aliy is jetting down the trail into Yentna at a pace just faster than 11 miles per hour. She is expected to arrive in Yentna just after 6pm race time.
All dogs are super excited and loving the run. Quito and Waylon are scouting out the markers like the professionals they are. Boonie and Nacho are pulling hard right behind them. Olivia and Chica are stable and getting warmed up for the 900 plus miles they know are coming. Scruggs, Scout, Willie, Chemo, Clyde, Pud, Mac and Sissy can't hold their excitement in, and are pulling hard on the gang line. Finally, Schmoe and Biscuit are helping Aliy keep the sled from tipping over behind the power of the train called "the Red Team."

Aliy is nipping at Mitch Seavy's heals and her team has already passed a few others (Newton, Yvonne, Michael and Dan) with machinelike precision.

Meanwhile Allen's team is pushing up behind Jeff King and Dee Dee after having passed Monica Zappa, Tommy Jordbrudai and Richie Diehl. The Latin litter and Outlaw are pulling like a sprint. Boris is out to prove he's as good as his brother! The car litter are pushing each other and promising they will all make it all the way to Nome with snow flying from their heals! Tug and Puppet are encouraging the youngsters to watch out for snags on the trail. Bonita is enjoying the view as she pulls like a pro. And Beemer and Dingle are keeping this wild amount of power, called "the Black Team," heading exactly the direction Allen wants.
Yes imagination, cuz the darn GPS isn't working! but....I'm sure SPK teams are doing AWESOME!
Woohoo, Go SPK!

Anonymous said...

Neat video, I always wondered what it was like for the ceremonial start. Hope I can make it to Anchorage for the ceremonial start one of these days.