Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ID: Black Team Into Koyuk

It's 9.45pm Alaska time.

We've been tracing the tracker all afternoon watching Allen, the Black Team and a bunch of other mushers navigate the Blueberry Hills and the coastline up to Koyuk. This was a particularly difficult piece of the trail for the front runners but hopefully the weather conditions made it a little more navigable. We're really happy to see them all travelling in a group across the treacherous trail and it looked like they might have swapped around the leading position between them a few times to give each other a break.

Take a look on the current standings and see the ten mushers arrived into Koyuk within 50 minutes of each other.

Ryne found this fantastic picture of the Black Team from the start of the race in a National Geographic article (click the pic for the link). We hope to see more pictures of them and we are busting a gut to hear how the four rookies are faring in the toughest race of their lives.

L-R: Scooter, Mismo, Boris, Izzy, Outlaw (rear) and Felix

Dropped dog update: Schmoe, Chemo and Scruggs are back in Anchorage.

They've already had a few days rest out at the Unlakleet checkpoint so are feeling great and I'm sure looking forward to seeing their mates.

Chica has completed her race and is now in Nome with the rest of her team. She caught up on some sleep during the day and is feeling just fine (left: Aliy gets the A-okay for Chica from the vets).

She enjoyed her steak dinner very much!


Linda Toth said...

I love seeing the enthusiasm of the rookies. Hopefully it will cool down next year and Boris can go the distance under more favorable conditions. The Latino litter look fantastic along with Outlaw.

Anonymous said...

Awesome the Amazing Chic, super Mom, got her delicious steak.

Boris' doesn't have a poker face like Quito, LOL. I wanna run is written all over him.

Nessmuk said...

Wow....those are some happy puppies...doing what they do best....running and pulling! Awesome!

Thanks for the dropped dog update ....the logistics of moving dogs around in the race is mind blowing! This year must have been even more challenging with the number of teams scratching from the race! Next stop for the pups Is HOME!

Glad to know the wind is dying down and allowing teams to move along the coast. What a difference a day makes! Go Black Team!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Great news about Allen and the Black Team!!!
Loved the picture of the starting line. Those dogs are smiling and having the time of their life!!!
And, I'm glad they appeared in National Geographic.
You guys deserve a grant from them, or a special segment on their Channel!
Glad all the pups are happy and accounted for!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Allen, we are watching. Chica looks great!

Harry W. said...

Great picture of the Black Team!

Looks like Allen is on the way to White Mtn. Keep it up Black Team, future stars are on their way!

Amy Falise said...

Woo hoo look at those huskies go! I love the looks on their faces. You can really see the fire in their bellies when they're running all out like that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you Ryne - I forgot to congratulate you on your research job!

And Emily Schwing's ten minute interview with Aliy reminded me of the press conference from last year with Mitch.

Aliy implies that Seavey the Younger used the same tactics this year as his father, and that she actually never got the lead back, altho' she cut it from 20 to 2 minutes.

Joyce said...

Glad to see the slower teams hanging together through this rough race. Thanks for updating on dropped dogs, have a soft spot in my heart especially for them.

Leanna said...

I can look at these pictures all day. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the postings and videos.
What a race for all the doggies and mushers. Love the new Horizon booties! Go team Black, Speedy recovery to the Rec team!
Padee in Santa Rosa, CA

Anonymous said...

Fantastic picture of the Black Team. Always warms my heart to hear about outstanding sportsmanship on the trail.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the Golden Harness winner doesn't have to be the leader of the winning team. I've been watching Quito for the last few years in the Quest & Iditarod and I think that she really deserves it. Do the mushers or ITC vote on this award?

Linda Toth said...

Wait, are you sure that is Outlaw at the rear .. and not Puppet back there .. the eyes.

Yep .. checked on the start and outlaw is next to Boris.

Anonymous said...

Wow, check out the focus on those beautiful faces... and the length of that tongue!!! LOL What a fantastic photo - go Black Team!!!

Karla, AUS

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the update & picture of the fantastic SPK dogs from National Geographic. Am glad that the teams are moving again. Keep safe Allen.