Saturday, March 8, 2014

ID: Aliy into Unalakleet

6 pm Alaska Time

Aliy and the Red Team have arrived on the coast of Alaska. They arrived at 4:39 pm Alaska Time and claimed the Gold Coast Award. This award is presented by Wells Fargo and is a gold cup filled with $2,500 in gold nuggets. Aliy's father, Doug, is in Unalakleet and Meghan and Moira should have arrived in time to see Aliy come in as well! 

The team has just crossed from Kaltag on the Yukon River to Unalakleet on the coast.  This is one of Aliy's favorite parts of the trail. The Kaltag Portage has been travelled for thousands of years, connecting the Athabaskan Indians of Interior Alaska and the Inupiat People of Coastal Alaska.  Aliy says that you can feel the history. This can also be one of the coldest and windiest parts of the trail, but reports are of warm temperatures and very little snow. Pictures that Sebastian has posted of the trail are mostly brown grass and ice. Not an easy trail!

Aliy has been running her own race, often on a completely different run / rest schedule than any of the other mushers around her. She rested the team in Nulato so she could go through Kaltag and begin the trek across to Unalakleet. She then stopped at Tripod Flats, about 30 miles out of Kaltag. It is a quiet cabin, out of the hustle and bustle of the Kaltag checkpoint. Aliy made the final run into Unalakleet at a nice, steady pace.  Martin Buser and Sonny Lindner are now approaching the checkpoint. Sonny has had a very good run. 

Allen and the Black Team have left Galena. All 12 dogs are with him heading towards Nulato. It's a good time to be running, out of the heat of the day. 

I hope we will get photos from the crew in Unalakleet this evening. 

Here are a list of articles and photos to check out:

For Iditarod Insiders, there is a nice video of Allen talking about his young team. 


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Hugs and kisses now and throughout the coming miles.

Amy Falise said...

What an exciting race it has been so far! I can hardly sit still as I read all the updates and picture it all in my head. I really feel this is Aliy's year to win and I couldn't be more excited for her! How nice that her dad could be there at Unalakleet and Meghan and Moira too. She has certainly earned the prizes she's won so far. Doesn't all that salmon sound delicious?

Go Aliy GO!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Congrats Aliy on winning the Gold Coast Award. Keep running your race. Be first into Nome. GoRed Team.

Nessmuk said...

The race from Kaltag to the Coast was awesome! I didn't get anything done today....too busy watching bib #10 on the out comes Buser....there he goes....then she comes off her short rest and passes was fun to watch it on the tracker replay too! Congrats to Aliy and the Red Team!! Well done! Now on to the last leg.....let the excitement continue!

A-town's Becky said...

Woohoo, Aliy in Unalakleet AND
a video of Allan! Double bonus!
I love hearing Allan brag on his Black team, and on Mac.

I enjoy Sebastian's articles and pictures. Is it possible he relates to Aliy, having finished 2nd place himself?

Aliy in Unalakleet first!
I knew it would happen, and I was in disbelief of the articles that predicted otherwise.

Now, Aliy 2014, keep chasing the record, and don't look back at Nic. He was there last year too, and the Red team can out run him again.
SPK Red team rocking the trail.

Woop woop woop

I so hope you can get some much deserved rest with your team, in Unalakleet, among all the commotion.

Leanna said...

Thanks KAZ for keeping us informed. As always the SPK Crew rocks!

Anonymous said...

Go Aliy, go!! Run YOUR race! We are rooting for you from Texas! You are such an inspiration to us and all women! Persistence!

Lisa B said...

Fantastic! So nice that Dog, Meghan and Moira were there to see her get the award. She's running a great race - go Red Team!

Anonymous said...

YEAH AWESOME CONGRATULATIONS ALIY!! RED TEAM Takes 1st into Unalakleet. YOUR THE WONDER WOMEN, keep going and take it to those guy! Pulling for you! Take the Finish Aliy see it vision crossing 1st and take it. It is your race to WIN! Go Girl! Sending prayers, blessings, luck and the wind to your back! Ron in AZ

Mary Duffy said...

Go Aliy and the Red Team, Go!

Anonymous said...

I have just published 3 informational up detes with pictures of Facebook Aliy and asked folks to get behind you even tighter and lift prayers for Aliy to be 1st in Nome. Getting positive responses folks are doing that. Ron In AZ

Anonymous said...

Way to go Aliy! So excited for you! Amazing race to watch this year. You inspire women young and old everywhere! And Quito, wow what more can you say about that powerhouse!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved that BIG smile on Aliy's face when she was getting her award. Thanks for all the updates!

I am not taking off my SP Kennel Red hat until Aliy crosses under the arch (except to shower!). Rooting for her and those amazing dogs all the way! And rooting for Allen and those first time Iditarod youngsters too! GO Aliy!

Anonymous said...


Kristen Kemerling said...

Way to go Aliy and the red team! You already know that you can win this! Stay focused, stay strong, and have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Go Red Team!!!

An extra woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof,woof, woof, woof, wooffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!