Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Few Photos from the Funale

As Moira said, it was a beautiful day for the end of the season Valley Funale races and community event. There was an early Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and races for all ages. Moira did wonderfully in her race, helping out her fellow mushers and their dogs along the way. Although there is no Sportsmanship Award, Moira would have been at the top of the list if there were!

Sammy raced in the kids race and had a great time. SPK's up and coming musher.

Here are a few more photos from the day.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Sammy in the Kids Race
Grrrr, Let's Rock and Roll
Moira and Team Getting Ready

Moira and Quito


Anonymous said...

Sammy looks fierce!!!

Love the sponsor;s name of the kids race (AARP???)

Lourdes, VT said...

Gorgeous weather indeed! And, good races for all!

Moira looks very happy and so does Quito!

Again, congratulations 😎

Nessmuk said...

It's nice to see kids getting into the races....go Sammy!! I'm already bumming about the end of the season!

Bogey said...

I read that one caption as "Team Getting Ready" and thought, 'What a great team name!' Glad you all had fun.

What a great racing season by SPK from start to finish.

Lisa B said...

Looks like it was a great day for all. Glad Moira and Sammy had fun! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great job Team Moira! I hope everyone heals well this off season!!! It has been the best racing season. Having the new pups running hard and far for the first races and our steadfast leaders showing the way! THANK YOU ALL for keeping us connected this yr. I hope this spring and summer is a quiet and busy one in Two Rivers.
Safe journeys to Moira and Meghan in your next ventures! I hope you continue to stay in touch, awesome team support!
sad for summer but no power to stop it!
Padee Santa Rosa,CA

marilyn cozzens said...

Sammy looks ready to race hard. The Easter egg hunt in the snow is fabulous. What a great event. It looks like a really fun day.

Anonymous said...


You and Poquita look great together!!! Classic classy ladies!



Anonymous said...

Kids race sponsored by AARP... Awesome, but I am a bit flomuxed. Go team Red and Black.

Anonymous said...

It looks like SPK now has a gold team with a good looking young musher.