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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

YQ300: Picture Perfect!

One last tip of the hat to the YQ300 Champs... Is this picture at the finish perfect, or what?

(Photo by permission of Scott Chesney)

As our attention now shifts to focus exclusively on Allen and the SPK Black Team, the "Yukon Trio" are charging down the river toward Dawson. Brent Sass remains in the lead and the spacing looks to be about the same as it's been since they all left Eagle.

These are obviously very well matched teams, and that bodes well for a very exciting second half of the race!

We hope to bring you some great "live" coverage soon... Stay tuned!


A-town's Becky said...

PERFECT picture! Looks like a pile of true love.
Awesome job.

Lisa B said...

What bodes even better is that while the gap has stayed about the same it sure looked liked (based on the tracker) Allen took around an hour rest/snack stop near 40 Mile! A rest and not falling back from Brent too far?!?!? Sounds pretty darn speedy to me! I predict Brent (and I like the guy, so not tearing him down) will have some QUITO breath hitting his heels going from Dawson to Whitehorse.

Lisa B said...

Oh yeah, forgot to say I love love love this photo of Aliy at the YQ300 finish line. I saw it on the quest site last night and I'm so glad they gave you permission to use it. It is priceless!

Anna said...

LOVE this photo!!!!! Strong musher-dog bond seen in it!!!!!!!

Nessmuk said...

That is one happy Musher and her Team! Great photo.....really captures the moment! Not only did Aliy and the Red Team win, but it looks like they had a blast doing it! Can't wait to hear the Team wrap up, especially how Mismo, Nelson, Felix and Izzy did!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so very, very much for both the special photo from this angle of the Red Team joyously sharing victory with their musher, who made a point of getting down as close to eye level as possible, honoring her team.

Does it get any better than this???

And wow, if the YQ1000 going to be a foot race!!! Go Black Team!!!


marilyn cozzens said...

Yes what a fantastic picture. The dogs love their musher as much as Aliy loves them. I think Allen has been holding back a bit & he will be in the lead at the Finnish. Go Black Team.

Leanna said...

I so want this picture... framed! Really shows Aliy's love and respect for her team.