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Monday, February 3, 2014

YQ300: "Howdy!" & "Woof!"

As Moira just reported, Aliy has left Circle for the last sprint back to the finish line in Central only eight minutes ahead of Chase Tingle. (A perfect name in this situation, no?)

You may have noticed that Aliy arrived in Circle 35 minutes ahead of Chase and wondered why she "lost time" in the checkpoint during her mandatory 6-hour rest. Perhaps you remembered that their "start differential" needed to be made up?

Because Aliy started #56 and Chase started #65 she had to "give back" 27 minutes (3 minutes for each of the 9 starting position delays). That took her "lead" down to only 8 minutes, and I agree with Moira that Aliy will be kicking it the whole way!

Despite Aliy's focus and effort on the trail, I'd be willing to bet she allowed herself to enjoy a special little moment.

According to the tracker, Aliy just passed Ryne who is going the opposite direction toward her last rest in Circle.

Given their very close relationship, I'd guess a spirited "Howdy!" was probably exchanged.

Since Dingle and Lester are running on Ryne's team, the dogs almost certainly joined in with a "Woof!" of their own... Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful insightful posts from all the SP crew. Thanks! Yes the chase is indeed on. Go Aliy go!

Anonymous said...

As of 2:17 PST which I believe is 1:17 AST, Aliy is 9 miles ahead. Chase just passed Ryne. I wonder if he asked and if Ryne told him how long ago Aliy passes her.
Mac, do you have an approximate idea of when we can expect Aliy to be near the finish line?

Macgellan said...

I didn't track Aliy's run-time from Central to Circle, but considering it's 75 miles I'd estimate 8-10 hours... She left at 11:27 so that would make it 19:27-21:27... Just for fun I'll make an exact prediction: 20:30 on the dot!

Nessmuk said...

Gonna be a late night here on the east coast....glued to the GPS Tracker.....come on Aliy and the Red Team!!

Anonymous said...

From your computer to God's ear, Macgellan!!!

Woof, woof, woooooof!!!

Go Red Team!!!

marilyn cozzend said...

Thanks for your analysis & insight Mac. Go Aliy & Red team.

Anonymous said...

Mac! you are awesome with these analysis! I was was wondering all that and you answered my thoughts. Thanks MAC. Go SPK Red team!
Padee (usually in Santa Rosa CA) watching currently from NYC. Time warp zone