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Monday, February 3, 2014

YQ300: Dingle and Lester

Just as Aliy was leaving Mile 101 checkpoint, Ryne Olson from Ryno Kennel pulled her team of youngsters in. They are on a very different run rest schedule so we were happy to be able to catch up with her before we left.

Ryne is running Dingle and Lester in her team and she said that Dingle was a rockstar as he led the team up over "Rosebud", the BIG hill between Two Rivers and Mile 101 and that Lester is adding some calm and experience to her team of young ones. Her team came in with wagging tails and happy husky grins. Good on you Ryne!


marilyn cozzens said...

Good job Ryne. Keep up the fine run you are making. Dingle & Lester look good on their straw beds. Thanks tot the update.

Anonymous said...

Dingle is the man!!!

And we know Lester will eventually retire into a job at the United Nations:


Linda Toth said...

Been watching Ryne make her way into Circle. Letting her run Lester and Dingle to guide the yearlings is kind, but nothing less than what I would expect from Aliy and Allen. They look really good here.

Nessmuk said...

Ryne is doing a great job with her young Team.....good dawgs!