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Monday, February 3, 2014

YQ300 Champions! And Day Three Wrap-Up

Congratulations Aliy and her Red Team of Pud, Rambler, Honda, Willie, Viper, Waylon, Sissy, Scooter, Mismo, Nelson, Felix and Izzy - the 2014 Yukon Quest 300 Champions!

Communications at Central are limited so just as soon as we can we will post pictures from the finish line but we are all familiar with Aliy’s mega-watt smile and you can bet she has that on right now! I just had a call from Bridgett in Central. Aliy is so proud of all of her team, all of them did a stellar job and she can't speak highly enough of them.

The dogs have had a big kibble meal and a rub down and are now resting in their dog truck ready for the journey home. Aliy has also eaten a big meal and is ready to think about her journey home too. She will arrive in the early hours and, just in case we are sleeping when she gets here, we made this to greet her when she walks in the door.

As for the other race that's happening… currently Allen, Brent and Hugh nearing Trout Creek cabin then on to Eagle. There is a mandatory four hour rest in Eagle which I'm sure dogs and mushers alike will be looking forward to. We are reliant on the Yukon Quest website, tracker and Facebook page just like you for the next wee while as no handler teams can get to Eagle.

You will have noticed that Allen dropped a dog in Slaven's cabin - it was Puppet. She was a bit sore and wasn't eating well but she is now home and resting after a massive meal and Algyval massage. She looked happy to be home.

Allen will have been disappointed to leave her behind as she is one of his favorite dogs and she and he have a close and special bond. You know he will have made the decision in Puppet's best interests.

In a few short hours we'll be on our way to Dawson - it is a long, long drive so we will be out of contact until probably Wednesday so… Kaz and Macgellan: tag, you're it!


Anonymous said...

M White,
To the SP Kennel Crew, thank you for all the updates, have a good rest, and safe drive for everyone to Dawson. and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO ALIY AND HER TEAM.

Anonymous said...

"A Team" dogs, wouldn't you say?
Congrats again Aliy.
Safe journey to Dawson.

Nessmuk said...

Congrats to Aliy and her Team of AWESOME SPK Atheletes!! So proud of you all!!!! Now hightail it to Dawson.....safe travels!

Holly Freeman said...

Wonderful job RED team! You blazed that trail! And thanks to all the behind the scenes folks- handlers and message posters. So appreciated.

Margaret said...

So impressive - and the four Latinos really came of age!!!

Puppet can share her broad experience with them, guiding them through the remainder of the YQ Trail, best places to eat in Dawson City, etc. when the Red Team arrive home!!!

Well done all 2 legged and 4 legged team members!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Awesome. get some rest on then on to Dawson.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation........Yahoo. Great job Red Team.