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Thursday, February 6, 2014

YQ: The Team Leaves Dawson (Part 1)

Here's a VERY short clip of the team leaving Dawson looking awesome!

You will see Allen moved Olivia up into lead with Quito and moved Scruggs to swing with Boondocks. Scruggs has done a fantastic job for the first 500 miles but with such a plethora of great leaders leaders in his team he decided to give Olivia a go up there. She is proven in this race and he felt she looked like she wanted the responsibility.

Allen was feeling great and was excited to get back on the trail, as was the team. They were well rested, ate several giant meals and received such good care during the last 36 hours. We are very happy with what we, as handlers, did in Dawson to help get them out looking so very good.

I have more footage and I am hoping to edit into some kind of fancy montage-thinggy but it could take some time so I thought you'd like to see them on their way first.


Mike DeMarco said...

Looking good!

Libby the Lab said...

Time for the handlers to get some well deserved rest!

Nessmuk said...

They look great!! Such power in all those dogs!! Can't wait for more pictures/videos!! Much appreciated!

A-town's Becky said...

LOL! Hang on to your sled Allen!
Good Dawgs!
Excellent handlers!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the start for the next 500 miles. Looking forward to more videos- posts- etc. Appreciate all you on the crew do to keep us informed.

Lisa B said...

Great clip and info about Olivia getting a shot at lead. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Go Olivia!!!

Lookin' taller every day!!!


Fay Wenger said...

What a rush! So proud of all of you.