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Friday, February 14, 2014

YQ: Quito's Week In Whitehorse

Quito is spending the week in Whitehorse with Aliy and Allen. So far she has gone for a couple of runs by the river, visited Gerry Willomitzer's kennel and been given the royal treatment at the High Country Inn. On Saturday she will attend the Yukon Quest Banquet before heading home to Two Rivers.

Nicole from the High Country Inn gives Quito treats; Quito visits Gerry's house


Nessmuk said...

Glad to hear Quito is having a fun week full of attention....she is one special Sled Dog and deserves the royal treatment! Have fun at the Banquet! Can't wait to see pictures of the awards presentations!

MG said...

she truly deserves the pampering and recognition after the great race she just finished.

stormy said...

Rock On,Quito! You deserve the TLC!!:)

Dee Van Leeuwen said...

For all of the All-Star accolades given to the SP Kennel Red and Black Teams, a playful break is thoroughly deserving of one “rock star” winner, and I’m sure you will agree, Quito!

Anonymous said...

Aliy & Allen, your lives are complete if you have a dog with you.Good dawg Quito!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update on Poquita's week in Whitehorse!!!

I had envisioned several activities:

1. Mushers and Quito exercise on treadmills;
2. Pedicures, massages all around;
3. Rehearsing award banquet etiquette.

Her speech: "Woof, woof...woof!!!" The pause to acknowledge the support team and website!


Holly Freeman said...

I loved hearing how Quito went thru the water during the race. It's just amazing to see that she is still evolving and progressing as an athlete. GO QUITO!!!

Amy Falise said...

Enjoy your weekend Quito! She definitely deserves the attention and special treatment. What a rock star!

marilyn cozzens said...

Great dog Quito. You deserve it.