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Monday, February 3, 2014

YQ: Quick update from Circle City

I just had a quick (and a bit patchy) phone call from Bridgett, the team have arrived in Circle City looking good! Allen himself is doing well and in good spirits, he's had a meal and is settling down for a nap.

Bridgett said he just cannot stop raving about Scruggs and Quito - he thinks they are AMAZING! Quito has received accolades for the last few years and we all know her kennel MVD (Most Valuable Dog) status but it is fantastic to hear it about Scruggs too! Go buddy go!

Bridgett and Wes are going to get a nap themselves so they can be ready for when Aliy comes in later this morning and for when Allen is ready to leave (at this stage we are not sure which will happen first!).

Circle City is where the handler team says goodbye to Allen until Dawson as he heads to Slaven's Roadhouse - which is not an official checkpoint but a "hospitality stop and dog drop" - and on to Eagle, both of which are not accessible by the road system. Bridgett and Wes will then trace Aliy back to Central for the conclusion of her race and bring her and the athletes home to the kennel. Remember those complicated logistics Macgellan was talking about…?

PS They also caught up with Ryne at Central and her team managed to negotiate Eagle Summit safely and successfully. Ryne is happy and delighted with how her team is doing!


Holly Freeman said...

Great news! Tear it up Black team!! Also thanks to the handlers, Bridgett and Wes, for keeping the Black team motoring well.

marilyn cozzens said...

Great news for Allen & Black team. Keep it going. Great job for handler team. Thanks for the update.