Sunday, February 9, 2014

YQ: Heading To The Finish Line

What a difference 24 hours can make. At this time last night, Allen was competing for feet and inches. Tonight he is cruising toward the finish line with something like an 8 hour lead. I'm reminded of how Allen was quoted before the race began: "Crap is gonna happen!" It certainly did, and we hope everyone is okay.

Many of you have asked for my prediction about what time Allen will finish. I've been unable to accommodate you because I was privy to his plan to stay longer at Braeburn in order to visit with Brent, but had no idea how long that might be.

I still don't have a very reliable time to offer, because it appears on the tracker that Allen is taking it pretty easy with his team on the trail. His speeds look to be in the 5-7 mph range, so it's likely they will travel the 65 miles to the finish in about 10 hours.

The team left Braeburn at 3:30pm so that would put them at the finish around 1-2am. Honestly, though, that's just a guess. I'm not completely sure what time zone they're in!

I haven't heard from the crew about their whereabouts, but I think they've left Braeburn and are on the road. Due to weather conditions, the finish line has been moved to Takhini Hot Springs, some 20 miles or so up the road from Whitehorse. There's no telling what kind of internet connection Moira may find there, but you can be sure she will do her best to keep you posted... Stay tuned!


stormy said...

Stay safe!Godspeed!SPK Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks every so much for the update

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for post, Mac. With a 8 hr lead, Allen should not risk injury or mayhem. It is best to cruise to finish line. What a difference 24 hrs made in the race.

Janet said...

The Yukon is in Pacific time zone, so one hour later than Alaska and three hours earlier than Eastern time. The standings show Yukon time from Dawson City on.

A-town's Becky said...

4-7 miles per hour is still excellent at this point in the race.
The Elevation Plot show a climb of over 1000 feet within the first 35-40 miles heading out of Braeburn, so it looks like those little doggies and Allen are working hard.
I predict Black team arrival, between midnight and 3 am race time, contingent on doggie hydration and snack times.
Which is, THREE hours better than I would have estimated last night, before things got crazy.
Regardless, I will be at work
Everyone else will have to shout out the WOOHOO! for me
As Macgellan would say,
stay tuned!
If I were home, I would be glued to my computer to the finish!!!
Violet and all the Fire litter would be so proud of what their parents, Olivia and Nacho, are doing!
Amazing Allen and his Black Team!

Gwen Samelson said...

Thanks and take care up there

Christine Richardson said...

Congratulations to ALL of you! Hard fought and well deserved although I know Allen would rather win with Brent in the race.
Its an amazing accomplishment 2 years in a row. I'm in awe.