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Friday, February 7, 2014

YQ: Handler Crew Arrives in Pelly Crossing

After a full night's rest we packed up and said farewell to Dawson City to head for Pelly Crossing. The temperatures are warmer today than what we had experienced during the 36 hour break and there has been fresh snow so the ploughs were in action on the highway. Just as the first three teams left Dawson not far apart, the handler crews travelled close together also.

Since leaving Dawson the teams have climbed over King Solomon's Dome and we heard there was fresh snow up there which would make it slower and more difficult. Next up are the notorious Black Hills which are continuous ascents and descents - it's not mountainous above the tree-line but the continuous nature of the ups and downs make it challenging. Talking to Aliy about this part of the trail she said you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere then you come across active gold-mine claims where there is heavy equipment and dredges that you mush right by. You can really tell that this part of the country is focussed on gold mining - not just in its history but currently as well.

Once out of the Black Hills they drop onto the Pelly River and the first lights of civilisation are at Stepping Stone, where there are always very happy, welcoming people. It has been a hospitality stop on the Quest for many years and is incredibly hard to go passed without stopping as they have burritos, ice-cream and lasagna - anything the musher wants PLUS warm beds - so you never know whether the musher planned to stop there or got sucked into the hospitality!

It is then just 34 miles to Pelly crossing; the trail either travels along the river or the road depending on the conditions, this year it is travelling along the road. We expect Allen and the team later today and we are just now getting the lay of the land at this checkpoint so we are ready for them to arrive. We are all missing the dogs having spent an intense 36 hours with them - we can't wait to see them (oh, and Allen too!)

FYI: Pelly Crossing lies where the Klondike Highway crosses the Pelly River (hence Pelly-Crossing) and is the home of the Selkirk First Nation (thanks wikipedia!).


Nessmuk said...

I'm eagerly awaiting Allen and the Black Teams arrival at Pelly Crossing too! The communication black out is difficult for us fans....all we got is the tracker....which is fine....but we like to SEE the Team via your posts! For example I was late to work because of your awesome montage this am....apparently watching it just once wasn't enough for me! LOL....Darn I love that Team! Can't wait to see Allen and the Team roll on into Pelly Crossing!

Anonymous said...

At the moment Allen is less than 5 miles from Stepping Stone. It looks like he rested his team a very short bit less than 4 hours ago. Now the question, while Hugh and Brent are enjoying lasagna, burritos, ice cream and perhaps a warm bed, will Allan stop to partake too? or will be blow through and give them both a scare?
Thanks for the insight!
Who could blame him if he stops. I don't think I could pass it up!!!

A-town's Becky said...

Only 282 miles to go, from Stepping Stone.

marilyn cozzens said...

Go Allen & Black team.