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Saturday, February 8, 2014

YQ: Feet, Maybe Inches!

As predicted, it looks like Brent fired up his dog-motor as Allen approached on the river and pulled out just in front.

According to the tracker (with updates at the same minute) the duo appear to be mere feet -- maybe inches! -- apart.

Looking back at my data, I think I may have missed a couple of points when Brent spent a little more time in checkpoints than Allen did.

In other words, I'm admitting that my assessment of how much faster Allen is than Brent may be a bit optimistic.

I still think he's been a bit faster, but I can't honestly vouch for how much... It's close!

Either way, over the next few hours I expect them to run in tandem to Braeburn. There they will both take a mandatory 8-hour rest, then sprint to the finish... Yikes!

Earlier in the race I mentioned primary sled dog attributes: Ability, Attitude and Appetite.

I hope you can now see why -- in such a long race -- attitude and appetite come to the fore. It's all about the heads and hearts of the dogs, and the fire in their bellies.

I'd be willing to bet that both Allen and Brent are feeling like they're the weakest link in the team, and hoping against all odds that they don't let their dogs down.

Honestly, folks, this stuff makes me tear up in awe of these dogs... Stay tuned!


Badas Musher said...

AAAANDD We have a race!!! GO ALLEN!!!!

stormy said...

This is going to be Epic!Allen can do it,he has a great team of SPK Huskies and i believe they will prevail!

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel bad for the mushers. I can't even imagine running on that little sleep for so long!

Lisa B said...

Tums for one and all indeed! Refresh, refresh, refresh - anyone know where to get a bulk discount on F5 keys??? A custom branded one that has the kennel logo or Quito's head imprinted on it might be a nice little money maker because I know for sure that by say March 11th mine will plum worn out...

Go Black Team!

Nessmuk said...

Epic is the right word Stormy! Wow....how long can they keep this up? They still both got a long ways to go! Won't they have to stop for a break sometime? I'm SO nervous!

Anonymous said...

Go Allen! Go dogs! You are all world champions!

marilyn cozzens said...

Epic & Great are the words. SPK dogs are bred for races like this. Go Allen.