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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

YQ: Communication Break

With Aliy’s SPK Red Team victory in the YQ300 last night, our attention shifts exclusively to Allen’s SPK Black Team in the YQ1000.

Allen has pulled out of Eagle Checkpoint, about halfway down the Yukon river between Circle and Dawson. Hugh Neff followed him out 30-minutes later, and they are both chasing Brent Sass. As I’ve mentioned, the three of them are long-time friends and competitors who've been in this situation before. It's shaping up to be a very exciting race!

Meanwhile, the SPK Crew are all on the road for the 1,000 mile drive to Dawson, where they will set up camp for the Team’s 36-hour layover. We won’t have any communication from them until the Team and Crew meet in Dawson sometime tomorrow.

To fill in the blank, I’ve got a couple of “catch up” posts for you to enjoy, and I will try to address a few of the questions you’ve asked in the comments, on Facebook, etc… Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

after 2hrs rest Aliy and crew pulled the Hook at 4am to leave the kennel and to try to ensure that Allen is not the first one to Dawson. This is going to be close!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Macgellan!!!

Here's a question or two:

Who is "in the crew" - Wes and all members of 2-legged Red Team/handlers plus the Black Team handlers???P
Is the SPK Paparazzi patrol going to be on site for the remainder olf the YQ1000, too?


Anonymous said...

Just a note to mention that Ryne finished fifth with 11 dogs!!! Great showing - right behind Sebastian!

Woof, woof, woof for Dingle and Lester!!!