YQ: Braeburn Update

It certainly turned into a dramatic day with what happened to Brent Sass - please go to the Yukon Quest website for the official information about this. It deeply affected everyone here at Braeburn to see the events unfolding.

You will see that Allen and the team left Braeburn at 3.28pm - he stayed longer than his mandatory eight hours as he wanted to spend some time with Brent. I don't know what was said when he and Aliy visited with him just before he was transported to Whitehorse, and I won't ask but I know that Allen wished he knew what was going on behind him. He had no way to tell and when he came in to Braeburn this morning he presumed Brent was not far behind him. He is very disappointed for Brent and his team and was fully expecting this final leg to be a head-to-head battle between them.

Allen left on the final 65-ish mile run with 11 dogs, BEEMER gets to do the final leg in the truck with us. He's fine, just didn't appear to be excited about going and if he's not having fun he is better to catch up on his rest. Quito lead the team out in single lead, Schmoe and Nacho in swing, Chica and Scout behind them, Boondocks is still running with Mac, Clyde gets to run with Olivia and Biscuit and Scruggs will run in wheel. It's quite a juggle about, just really to mix it up a bit for the final run.

Before we left the checkpoint we waited for Brent's team to arrive. His handlers asked everyone here to give the dogs a cheer as they came in so they knew they had finished the race! They deserve their kudos for a well run race and they looked great coming in. It was quite a moving moment.

I'll work on some video as soon as I can. We will head for the finish line to set up for the team to arrive over night and I am unsure on the internet situation there.

- Moira