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Saturday, February 8, 2014

YQ: Black Team Leaves Carmacks

We just saw the team off from Carmacks after just under four hours of rest. The dogs and Allen all really made the most of the sleep and refuel stop. Allen made some time for a quick interview with the Quest press team before he fed the team their meal, packed his sled, bootied and left.

Allen is sticking to his plan (well, one of his plans) and this race is still on folks, there is still a way to go and, as you know in dog mushing, anything can happen.

We'll be honest: the exit was not the cleanest. It was a little stop/start but we are speculating on the conversation that was happening:

Quito: "Hey guys, I didn't pee when we left camp and I need to pee… I'm the Queen so can you all just wait a minute… I'll just find a spot… over here looks good… no, wait, here is better… ahhh, that's better."

Boondocks: "Oh hey, that's a good idea, I might pee too… everyone just hang on a minute… "

Rest of the team: "Yeah, ummm, actually I could do with a pee too… yeah, me too… and me…"

Clyde: "Guys… guys… what about me? I ate all that kibble and I need to poop!"

Eventually they happily trotted off down the trail towards Braeburn where we will next see them.

I'll work on some video and get it up asap. Practice your Quito, Boondocks and Clyde voices so you can narrate it out loud.

- Moira


stormy said...

First off,when "ya gots to go,ya gots to GO"! Secondly,Allen is a man of steel!Go get 'em SPK #8!!!

Dawn from Maine said...

FUNNY! Just like kids--ones says they gotta go--and they all gotta go!!! GO ALLEN!!!!

Lyn said...

I wondered about how the dogs relieve themselves when they are running or if they were trained to all do it at the same time when they stopped.

Barbara Boucher said...

OK! I'm eagerly awaiting that video!!
now that they've taken care of that, GO DOGS, GO!!

Nessmuk said...

Lol!! Everyone at their own pace! Too funny! Now that they are on the trail GO TEAM!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Well I have been practicing--have Quito & Clyde down fairly well, but am having trouble with Boondocks. Help please.