Sunday, February 9, 2014

YQ: Black Team Leaves Braeburn - Video

The Black Team leaves Braeburn on the final run of the 2014 Yukon Quest.

Take a look at Quito as she comes past the camera - doesn't she look proud of herself to be single-leading this team to Takhini? And also take a look at how Allen takes time to talk to each dog on the way out, I love watching that. And… seriously… Mac and Boondocks? I'll never get sick of seeing that!

Obviously, after 900-odd miles the team is not slamming into their harnesses to go another 65 but they still looked really well rested and like they were happy to do it for Allen. "Okay Boss, let's do this".

The amount of kibble that the team ate during the eight hour break means that there will have definitely been a "peeing and pooping" wave go through the team for the first couple of miles. Aliy even joked with a photographer that he might be better to head a few miles down the trail if he wanted a good picture!

Allen planned to make this run much like a training run and stop several times for snacks and rest breaks and the speed plot on his tracker confirms that. You can be sure he will enjoy this last run in the Yukon wilderness with his awesome team.

We've stopped briefly at the hotel in Whitehorse where we hope to rest a little before heading out to Takhini Hot Spring to greet the team later tonight.

- Moira


Anonymous said...

don't let him forget his bib!

Linda Toth said...

Hanging in there with y'all. They do look pretty laid back .. they probably sense there is no real rush now from Allen.

Thanks Moira - I have really enjoyed the coverage this trip.

SKB said...

Thanks so much for the videos and updates! I love seeing Ally and Allen with the dogs!!. Sad to see a little of the zip gone from Allen due to Brent's accident but i love the top notch sportsmanship and genuine care Allen displayed.

This year I am seeing teams put different kinds of "clothes" on the dogs than I have seen in the past. Specifically what look like shorts on some of the dos. What do those do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to All! Go SP Kennel Doggies, Allen and support teams.

Nessmuk said...

I have been wondering about those half Tees or shorts too! Must be a cold weather thing? Thanks for the usual Moira you have done an excellent job sending the pics and fans do like seeing the Teams! Enjoy the ride to the finish Allen!

Janet said...

I think the Tees or shorts you are talking about are to protect against harness rub.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! They are solumn and that is appropriate under the circumstances.

Thanks you for a wonderful race and for keeping us e-mushers informed to the last!!! Awesome work by all 2 and 4 legged SP Kennel team!!!

P.S. Olivia always wore "shorts" in the last few years, but in the extreme cold that this race is being run in now, maybe everybody needs this protection from the wind?

Anonymous said...

Love, love love the updates and have so much respect for the entire team.

marilyn cozzens said...

Ditto to above posts. Allen, the team, & SPK are awesome. The race changed with Brent's injury. But great feat to win anyway. Quito is a rock star.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Allen & everyone at SP Kennel! And so gracious to delay your departure from Braeburn in order to visit with Brent. A class act for sure.

Anonymous said...

I love this video.
Imagine what the dogs are thinking...

Mac: Oh look, Scout left kibble, yum, oh oh, we're moving, ok.

Chica: We stopped again, I'm sitting, gotta conserve energy.

Olivia: That's a good idea, I'm sitting too.

Scrugs to Biscuit: Look, Olivia's sitting down, she's right, I'm sitting too.

Boondocks: Chica knows, I'm sitting.

Mac: I think we're leaving, I'm gonna pull, that didn't work, hm?

Chica: I'll get up when you need me Allen.

Biscuit: Scrugs you were right, I'll sit too.

Allen: "Alright ready!"

All: OK, break's over, let's go.

I think anyone can see this entire team gave their all and more. Congratulations, and thank you to all for the fantastic posts that kept our hearts right there with you!