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Saturday, February 8, 2014

YQ: The Black Team into Carmacks

We just watched Allen and the team pull in to Carmacks Checkpoint with lots of wagging tails and happy husky smiles. It's been a long run from Pelly Crossing and Allen is stopping here for a while. At this point we are unsure how long he will stay - he's playing that one close to his chest right now as he figures out the strategy from here. He goes into every race with a plan but also with several contingencies so now he'll be deciding what will be best for his team.

The first thing he did once the team was parked was snack the team and everyone ate everything! He even put some plain, dry kibble on the ground and they ate that as an appetiser to their large warm meal they will shortly get.

Clyde and Schmoe enjoy their beef snacks while the others look on

Usually, the routine from here will be setting down the straw beds and removing booties then preparing their large meal before coming inside for some food and water himself. Depending on the plan he may or may not stop for a sleep. As I said, right now, we are not sure what he will do!

I'll try to update again once the team leaves and the speculation can begin (or rather, continue!)

I'm working on the video and will get something up asap.

- Moira


marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for the update & pictures. The team looks great. Don't the handlers help with the straw beds, removing the booties, & the meal? Allen needs to conserve his strength & energy to push on to the finish line. Go Allen & Black Team.

Macgellan said...

Hi Marilyn - Just in case it wasn't clear... The only checkpoint in which the handlers can help the musher with dog care is Dawson... Everywhere else, the musher must do all the dog care alone... The mushers can provide info (e.g. about where things are), but no actual "help"... Believe me, it's very frustrating to stand around an watch without pitching in to help!

Jeff Buddington said...

Mac: Beemer in wheel, that is a bit of a surprise tactical roster placement to me?

Nessmuk said...

What a great race Allen is running with his Team!! They all look super! Snacks all the way around!! This next leg will be interesting to watch!! Go Allen and the Black Team....you can do this!

marilyn cozzend said...

Thanks Mac, so it is more like the Iditarod where the handler's can 't help. I can see where that would be very frustrating to have to stand & watch. Go Allen & Black team.

Amy Falise said...

Go Allen go! We're all on the edge of our seats here in Ohio waiting to see how this turns out. It sure has been an interesting race thus far! Go SP Kennels!