Saturday, February 1, 2014

YQ: Black Team Down the Trail

I caught up with the team as they went by Pleasant Valley Store and Trailside Mail, our local store and post-office, and they looked fantastic!

As for the next instalment: one truck with Wes and Bridgett will head to Two Rivers checkpoint and leap-frog up to Central and Circle City while Meghan and I will head to Mile 101 checkpoint overnight. There is limited cell or internet coverage out that way so I will leave you in Macgellan's very capable hands until we are back on deck and can update you. As Macgellan would say… stay tuned!


Dawn E said...

That's right Allen, BLOW through those stops signs! GOGOGO

marilyn cozzend said...

What an awesome looking team of huskiness. So focused. Go Allen & Black team.