Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ID: Vet Checks

Yesterday Dr Tamara Rose from TRose Veternarian Services visited the kennel and undertook thorough vet checks on 35 dogs; Aliy and Allen have narrowed their teams down from the 43 that were tested last week. The check sheet (below left) is completed for all dogs and is viewed in conjunction with the results from the ECG and blood tests from last week.

All 35 are ready to race!! Unfortunately only 32 can go so the final teams won't be decided until Saturday evening before the re-start in Willow. We will post the rosters Sunday morning so watch this space.

L-R: The vet check sheet; Felix tried his hand at being a lap dog.

L-R: Sandy helps TRose and Moira with her paperwork; Sandy undergoes her vet check.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these adorable pictures of the young dogs learning new roles:

1)How to be a cuddly lap dog if you're a big fellow and
2)maybe learning the meaning of paperwork in the doctor's office which...when completed...
3) may lead to...a procedure of some kind!!!

Nessmuk said...

43...35...32...oh the suspense! C'mon Sunday! At least we know Felix and Sandy made the cut to 35! Good luck to all the dogs...a great adventure awaits the chosen 32!

A-town's Becky said...

So fitting that Sandy, recent fan club draw rock star, got to be the poster dog.

Aliy, just want to make sure you know, before you get too busy, that
YES, be assured, we will be watching that "silly GPS tracker" from start to finish, any time we have access to our computer day or night!
Nothing on TV could beat that little tracker! We will sleep when you sleep, LOL.

I hope, when the sleep deprivation hits, athlete #17, also the coach, can remind herself what a fantastic job SHE is doing. Woohoo, good dawgs! That goes for you too!!!
Oh and.....have lots if FUN out there!

Of course we'll be watching you too Allen, or rather, your "silly GPS tracker."

Bob Mc said...

Nice to see that Doc TRose is doing your Vet Check.
I'm sure they are all in tip top condition for the start of the other race this weekend. Good luck and fast trails to both Aliy and Allen in the next two weeks!!
I'll be watching your progress on the Iditarod Insider.
Bob Mc

Lourdes, VT said...

I agree with Nessmuk! What a suspenseful few days!!!
Great decision on your part though. Wait and see who's more likely to do the best in the long race!
Best of luck to all!

Anonymous said...

So cute dogs! I hope you win in the top ten!!!!!

Mark and everyone at Camp Li-Wa said...

Looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night just to hit the refresh button. Our prayers are with you and all your teams. Be safe

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the pictures and update on the vet checks. The young pups are learning the ropes quite quickly. I like the " table" they are doing the paperwork on! 35 dogs ready to race. What a tough decision to narrow down to final 32! Go SPK. Bring it home in first place!!