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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ID: Timetable and Coverage Guide

With just a few days to go until the Iditarod starts we thought you'd like to know what happens from now.

Wednesday: in the morning the teams will have a short, final stretch out run; this is important as they won't get to run again until Saturday morning. After that is a final sled and truck check then Aliy and Allen travel down to Anchorage to attend some sponsor events on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Thursday: Aliy and Allen have musher meetings for most of the day. The dogs and rest of the crew drive to Anchorage in time for the Start and Bib Draw banquet on Thursday evening.

Friday: in the morning the team makes more sponsor visits before the Meet-and-Greet at the Clarion Suites (our home away from home) from 6-7pm. This is a free event and open to anyone that would like to come.

Saturday: at 10am we're all involved with the Ceremonial Start in downtown Anchorage.

Sunday: at 2pm is the Re-start in Willow. Aliy, Allen and 32 dogs are on the trail towards Nome!

Photo: Sebastian Schnuelle

The Iditarod is different to the Yukon Quest and the Copper Basin in that, as handlers, we are not able to go from checkpoint to checkpoint to follow the teams. This means we cannot bring you our own photos and videos from the trail. We will be relying on other sources, just like you, to get our information and we'll do our best to summarise and consolidate information about the Red and Black teams and bring it to you here.

If you are not already an Iditarod Insider we would recommend joining - you can follow the GPS trackers and see exclusive videos from the crew that follows the teams down the trail.

Other sources of information will be the Anchorage Daily News, The Alaska Dispatch and, of course, the Iditarod Website and Facebook page.

We're excited!!! How about you?


Britty's mom said...

Good luck Aily & Allen and pups!
Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. We're new at following the Iditarod and the day-to-day
information you'all post is very helpful. Wish you both a great run to Nome. Stone County, Arkansas supporters.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason the iditarod does not allow handlers to go from checkpoint to checkpoint? As a fan, I would love to see more media than what I have access to via an insider account.

Anonymous said...


Check list:

1)Signed up for Ultimate Insider - which is really worth the money;
2)Have my Red Team and Black Team caps at the ready, alternating red and black gear for the duration;
3)FROM IDITAROD SITE: Looking forward to Sebastien Schneulle's reports especially;
4)Wishing everyone a safe trip and all the 4-legged athletes especially, have fun and run fast and smart!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!


Lourdes, VT said...

Oh My God!!! The Iditarod IS HERE!!! I'm so excited!
Best of luck to Aliy, Allen, and pups!!! Safe trails to all of you!
And, Happy trails to the handlers and crew!!!!!
Sensing lots of love and well wishes!

Holly Freeman said...

Get it done SP!

Sending you good thoughts as you make your way on the trail.


Nessmuk said...

Here we go! Safe travels to everyone! Yes...the Iditarod Insider membership is the way to go...they do a great job. Well worth the $! We will be watching!

marilyn cozzens said...

Yes, I am very excited. SPK go 1, 2 into Nome. Go Aliy, Allen & dogs!! The countdowmn is on!

mburrows said...

Mr. Burrows and his class wishes both of you good luck and a safe journey!

Anonymous said...

Super excited!!!

Ingrid said...

We've signed up for the whole package at the Iditarod website so we can 'watch' the Red and Black teams race to victory!
Wouldn't that be a great ending for this year?
Lots of luck, try to stay warm and dry (yeah, we know) and hugs to everyone including(especially) those amazing dogs.
With any luck, one day we can cheer on these great teams in person.
Ingrid and Russ, Canada

Dawn from Maine said...

Oh boy Oh boy am I excited!!! Our students picked their mushers today--the same way the mushers draw for bib numbers!!! Each kiddo is very excited ")> Get lots of rest this week so your ready to get exhausted on the trail! I'm behind you all the way from Maine!!!!

Amy Falise said...

Best wishes Aily, Allen and pups! We'll be following all the action online. Happy trails and GO SP KENNELS!!!

Dawn E said...

So excited...already re-upped my insider membership and ready to hit the refresh button continuously! Best wishes for a great, safe, fun run for Aliy, Allen & the 32 wonderful dogs. Fair trails and following winds!

Marilyn Beaverstock said...

good luck to you and Allen and the dogs. May you all travel safely. I will be watching on the insider wish I were there like last year. Marilyn australia

Karine Newman said...

Cheering on You and your Doggies!

Mrs. Ray said...

My students and I wish you, Allen and all the doggies lots of luck. Praying for your safety, great weather, and stamina for the trip. Mush on!

JCW said...

Just watched Insider Live feed with Joe Runyan. He's really high on Aliy, her "small dogs" and SP Kennel. We'll be glued to the GPS tracker watching our favorite mushers and their fabulous athletes. Go get 'em.

Deb said...

Will be waiting for the teams in Nome. Have a great race!

Deb said...

From Spruce Pine, NC, we are gearing up and getting more excited by the day for the start. We wish Aliy and Allen all the best for a howlingly successful, safe, and blessed Iditarod 2014. We would love to be there with you in the flesh, but are certainly with you there in spirit and enthusiasm. Go Dogs, GO!!

Your fans,
Debbi & David Robinson
Spruce Pine, NC

Christian Ploetz said...

Aily, Allen and teams,

good luck and a nice trail. Be happy with your lovely dogs.


Mary Duffy said...
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Mary Duffy said...

Best of luck to SP Kennel! My vet was a trail vet for several years, and he would always come back with so many stories and pictures to share about the Iditarod. I love that the internet makes it so much easier to follow - we watch for your every post! We are rooting for you in California!

Tough Teachers said...

We will see you at the musher banquet! Tough teachers fron Texas are here!

Anonymous said...

Who is home in Two Rivers caring for the dogs that stayed at home?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

If no one else, then ChaCha's in charge!

tmcaleer said...

Hey Aliy and Allen,
Have a great race, I am so excited for you and the pups.
Will be watching on Ultimate Insider and biting my fingernails, watching every moment I can! Wish I could be there ... some day soon I hope!

Good luck to you both!

Best, Trish McAleer

Karen in Maryland said...

Aliy and Allen - have a fantastic race. I wish I could be there this year and go to the musher's banquet and both start again. The 2 kids of my friend who followed you last year (Aliy you signed a program for them and they were delighted) are following along again online this year. There are many people in this blog and elsewhere who wish the best for you. Good luck and safe travels!