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Friday, February 28, 2014

ID: Start and Bib Draw Banquet

Last evening the crew attended the Iditarod start and bib draw banquet at the Dena'ina Center along with a couple of thousand others! We were entertained by Hobo Jim and we learned about some race history before each musher drew their starting position.

L-R: Aliy meets a young fan; Aliy is interviewed for Channel 11.

Heading down the trail to Nome with bib number 10 is Aliy and the Red Team. Leaving the starting chute just 18 minutes behind her with bib number 19 is Allen and the Black Team.

A shout out to the children from selected schools nationwide (from Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Maine, New Jersey and Michigan) who made all the table place settings. We were lucky to get these fantastic dog chew toys - thank you!


Anonymous said...

My porch light goes on when Aliy leaves the starting chute trail and it stays on until Aliy and Allen are both safely under the burled arch.

Nessmuk said...

Nice bib draws SPK! The trail might be a bit fragile so best to stay in the front of the pack instead of in the back! Happy and safe trails to all the Teams!! Go Red and Black SPK!! Can't wait to get this thing started!!

Anonymous said...

Back here in Weston, CT we always knew Aliy was a "10!!!"


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE. I stayed up till 12am CA time, didnt get info from the Iditarod site!
Go get'em SP Kennel Doggies and mushers. Safe journeys to all. Sad I missed it in person.
padee in Santa Rosa CA

Linda Toth said...

Can't wait to see the stellar lines ups for tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Nice numbers, yea teams! Handlers will be hopping but you'll get out and away!

Lisa B said...

Thanks for the update on pre-race festivities. How great that the table place settings are RED and BLACK! Perfect!

Go teams and dogs!

Tough Teachers said...

So excited to be here and watch all the excitement!

Marilyn cozzens said...

Great starting positions. Safe, fun, & quick travels all the way to Nome, for both Red & Black teams. Great looking table decorations. The kids did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aliy and Allen,
I hope I am not too late to wish you both Happy Trails. As I write, I am wearing my SPK windbreaker. One day I hope to meet you and the dogs in person.
Wen you are fatigued and thinking you are all alone in the middle of the night, remember, you really aren't alone. Fans such as myself will be glued to the GPS tracker rooting you on, mentally moving your number up the trail. Do well, run well, and enjoy the beautiful world God has blessed you to be able to enjoy.