ID: Meet and Greet

Earlier this evening several hundred people came to the Clarion Suites to meet and greet Aliy, Allen and the rest of the team. We heard stories from the trail including the time Aliy had to fashion mukluks 50 miles from Nome from her brand new pants and dog jackets and the time Allen had to carry each member of his team individually up Eagle Summit in his first Yukon Quest.

L-R: Aliy talks about leggings and jackets; Allen describes Eagle Summit.

They spoke about their sleds and the mandatory gear they have to carry for the Iditarod and explained some of the equipment the dogs wear out on the trail including jackets, booties and leggings. Everyone then got to meet Quito, Mac, Ranger and Honda. I'm sure those that were there won't mind me saying but there was an audible gasp of admiration as Quito was introduced. She really is a special dog.

Thank you to Clarion Suites for hosting the event and to all those who came out tonight.