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Thursday, February 20, 2014

ID: Iditarod Drop Bags

While everything else has been going on we also had Iditarod drop bags to get ready! It was a challenge for Aliy and Allen to have their heads in two races at a time, preparing for the Yukon Quest race and the Iditarod drop bags in the same week.

These bags will be transported out to all the checkpoints along the trail and include dog food and snacks, human food and snacks, dog jackets and booties, vet supplies, spare harnesses, sled equipment, human clothing and supplies and various other bits and pieces critical to running the race. It takes a lot of planning to ensure they have the right things in the right places to fit their various race plans and contingencies.

While we were all over in Canada, Kaz finished off the bags and laced them all up ready to go. Thank you Kaz, we love you. Thanks also to Wes and Tom for their help getting them to town for pick-up by the Iditarod Trail Committee volunteers on February 10th.

L-R: Meghan and Aliy sort the meat snacks; all the bags packed and ready for shipping.


Nessmuk said...

It's quite the feat you folks take on! Us fans appreciate your efforts! A big THANK YOU SPK! Hope you don't have to pack rain jackets this year! Happy Training this last week! Can't believe Iditarod is almost upon us!

Anonymous said...

Go Red Team!!! Go Black Team!!!

All the usual suspects (other mushers in the race, so much to think about; we're all at the edge of our computer chairs.

Good thing February is a short month - March 1 will be here in a bit over a week--woof, woof, woof!!!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you could get the Iditarod drop bags delivered while you were away celebrating in the Yukon!
Thanks to Kaz, Wes and Tom!!!
Can't wait to hear how Kaz did.
Hope the labels are all good and everything is there.
Don't forget the gang lines and the harnesses.
I don't know how you can sleep, but I hope you all are, so you're rested up for what's coming.

marilyn cozzens said...

What a gigantic job--a great feat of multitasking. Thanks to all the "crew" in getting the drop bags ready & out to Iditarod trail. Go Aliy & Red Team and Allen & Black Team.

Lourdes, VT said...

What a labor of love!!!

Looking forward to seeing the Red and the Black Teams on the Iditarod! Aliy, this is your turn to win 'gold'

Anonymous said...

Awesome team work!!! Big thanks you to Kaz, Tom and Wes for helping out where the rest of us can't!!!