Friday, January 31, 2014

YQ300 Vet Checks and Bib Draw

Friday morning saw Aliy and her Red team complete the veterinarian checks at the Alpine Lodge. All her team passed the exams and are fit and ready to run! She took 14 with her for checks but she has to narrow her team down to just 12 so she will do that later this evening.

L-R: Willie gets a lift back in to the truck; Nelson gets seen by veterinarian, Dr Alan Hallman

Later in the afternoon Aliy and Wes attended the YQ300 musher/handler meeting to hear about the latest trail conditions and start line arrangements. They also drew their start positions: Aliy drew bib number 56 which means she will leave the start chute at 3.15pm on Saturday. (Note: YQ300 bibs start at 50 so she is starting sixth)

L-R: Aliy draws bib number 56; Ryne Olson, Aliy, Amanda Gecas and Chase Tingle show their bib numbers for the YQ300

One more sleep for everyone then it is all on! We can't wait, can you?


Anonymous said...

Lucky #56!!! Same as the number of my elementary school ("P.S. 56")in NYC.

Go Red Team!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Aliy & Red Team best of luck. Can't wait for the races to start. SP Kennel is the best.

Anonymous said...

Will be cheering for Aliy and Allen
and Ryne, and all of the great dogs!
Yea, SPK!

Julie V.