Thursday, January 23, 2014

YQ Vet Checks

On Tuesday, veterinarian and long time SP Kennel sponsor, Dr. Tamara Rose carried out thorough vet checks on 19 "possibles" for Allen's Yukon Quest Black team.

Vet checks are a vital part of the Yukon Quest to ensure every dog starting the race is in good health. Their importance can't be underestimated.

Tamara checked a number of things including weight, body condition, heart rate and lungs, teeth and temperature and she checked for any sore muscles and other "abnormalities" (see vet check sheet - right). We're very happy to say that all 19 dogs passed the vet check with flying colors so now Allen just needs to narrow down the squad to 14!

Aliy will take her Red Team squad to the YQ veterinary team for their checks on the Friday before the race.

L-R: Puppet has her teeth checked; Nacho has his feet checked

L-R: TRose feels Schmoe's wrist; Say "cheese" Mac


Anonymous said...

Lauri from California

How lucky to have a vet make house calls & vet check 19 dogs. What a difficult job Allen has in selecting just 14 dogs. I cant imagine how difficult it is to leave someone at home. Good luck to all!!!!

stormy said...

Nacho is ready,
to be a vital member,
of the winning team!

Nessmuk said...

Glad to hear the dogs passed with flying colors! Can't believe we are only about a week out from the start of the YQ!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait - the Black Team potential members for YQ1000 have their game faces on for vet check!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Wow! Things are gearing up for the Big Day!!! You guys are going to win !!! :) :) :)

Lisa said...

Is the private vet check more thorough than the YC's own? I'm curious why the different process for dogs from the same kennel.

JCW said...

Olivia and Nacho have my vote for YQ1000. Can you give us some feedback as to the selection process you both you and Allen for the YQ and the Iditarod? I'd want to take ALL the pups! Go get 'em!

marilyn cozzens said...

It is almost time for Yukon Quest--a week away. Aliy, will you take the 5 out of the 19, that Allen doesn't select for his Black Team? With so many outstanding dogs it must be very difficult to choose a team. But that is why you keep such meticulous notes, etc? Hope SP Kennel wins both races.

Anonymous said...

Answer to Lisa from YQ official site:

"...The weekend before the race start, dogs entered in the race must undergo a complete physical examination at the Official Vet Check. This ensures that all dogs participating in the Yukon Quest are suitably fit to complete the 1,000 mile sled dog race. Veteran Yukon Quest mushers are permitted to have their teams examined by a Yukon Quest approved veterinarian, but all rookies and most veterans bring their teams to the Official Vet Checks..."

Lisa said...

Thanks, Anon!