Thursday, January 16, 2014

CB300 - The Red Team's Journey

Here's some of Aliy and her Red team's journey through the Copper Basin 300.


Anonymous said...

What are the red leg wraps that some of the dogs are wearing?

Nessmuk said...

Great finish Red Team!! Snacks all around for a job well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this video clip, and the Red Team passed the test with flying colors!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the video clips. Well done Red team &Aliy. Great looking dogs.

Linda Toth said...

As I was watching this video, there was a point where Aliy went over to hug her handler. It brought tears to my eyes. Much to my gratitude, and sometimes still a sense of surprise, I have been welcomed into that warm sign of caring and acceptance. It touched me to see Aliy do what she does so well - make a person feel valued and welcome in her life.

When I moved to Fairbanks in 2006, that first winter was tough. I wondered why I was crazy enough to choose to live in the dark and cold. I vowed to involve myself in things that could awake my sense of passion. It didn't take long to realize dog sled racing was it.

I saw Aliy speak at a fund raiser and was so drawn to her. I think I was probably a drowning woman seeking a lifeline, a way to become more a part of the life here. She gave me that access, despite what I now see as EXTREME peskiness. Even more special, she and Allen openly offer the same respect, kindness, consideration, and welcome to all those that gently touch the life of kennel.

Mushers are very special in general, close, supportive, social and appreciating one another even as they compete. The fact that they take time for those of us on the outside of their very tight and wonderful world is a blessing - really and truly.