Thursday, January 16, 2014

CB300 - Meet the Handlers


SP Kennel welcomed Christine Richardson and Lidia Dale-Mesaros to the team for the 2014 Copper Basin 300. Both women are from New Hampshire where Aliy and Allen met them during their Sled Dog Symposium in the fall.

The human part of the Red Team at the finish line in Glennallen

Christine owns Seal Cove Journeys and races regularly in the East Coast area; she will be racing the upcoming CanAm250. She handled for Mike Ellis and Brent Sass during the 2012 Yukon Quest.

Lidia owns Valley Snow Dogz with her husband Richard and is an experienced musher herself. They have a kennel of old school, traditional sled dogs and enjoy many miles of adventure from early Fall to early Spring as well as a handful of races throughout New England.

L-R: Lidia and Christine at Meiers Lake checkpoint; Christine and Lidia attach Aliy's "bib" to the sled before the race start


Wes Brightman and Josh Turnbow handled for Meghan and her team.

The human part of the Red and Black Team at the finishers banquet in Glennallen

Those of you who have followed the SPKDogLog for a few years will remember Wes from the 2011-2012 season when he and his wife Wendy were handlers for SP Kennel. Wes and Wendy now own property just up the road in Two Rivers and are still involved with the kennel. They live with Tony and Malibu who are retired from SP Kennel.

Josh is a wildland firefighter in the summer and skier during the winter. Before this weekend he had not been involved with sled dog racing but he successfully navigated an extremely steep learning curve. We might have converted him to this crazy world!

L-R: Josh catches a few moments of rare rest at Lake Louise (photo credit Lidia); Wes checks the tracker at Chistochina


Ray Crowe and I handled for Allen and the Black team.

Ray is married to Aliy's sister Kaz and they live just around the corner in Two Rivers. Ray's been Allen right hand man in races for many years and knows the races inside-out. Ray and Allen have an unspoken understanding of what needs to happen at each checkpoint and it shows.

Me? Well, you all know me.

L-R: Ray changes Allen's sled runners prior to the race; Moira holds the leaders at Meiers Lake (photo credit Lidia)


Barbara Boucher said...

SP Kennel has winning mushers & dogs & a great support team, too! In addition to your handlers, Moira, Macgellan, & Kaz did a FANtastic job "handling" for those of us armchair mushers!

A-town's Becky said...

Thanks to all the human team members for their behind the scenes, wind beneath the wings work.
Thank you Moira, for all your multi tasking, and making these adventures a reality for those of us 3,000 miles or so away. :-)

Nessmuk said...

Hats off to all the Handlers and the rest of the crew!! You all are MUCH appreciated by us Armchair Mushers!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you all!!! And your efforts are appreciated as noted in posts above!!! Ditto, and thanks again to everybody who lets us share in the fun electronically!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post, sharing the "back room" stuff - and what do you know, another family pops up...and more family...and global family too!!!

SPK is the best. The best everything!!!


Dawn E said...

SP Kennels shows off the "backbone". Never underestimate the hidden treasures in an organization. Yeah for you guys!

Linda Toth said...

Thank you!

Lisa B said...

Great job handlers - thanks for sharing info about these important members of the SPK support team!

Lidia Dale-Mesaros said...

I'm still trying to find my way back down to earth. Can't put into words how much I am missing you guys and the routine that I quickly became a part of, thanks to your patience and guidance. Sending you all so many good wishes for the rest of the season, Lidia