CB300 - Dropped Dogs

I want to update you on the team mates that are with us in the trucks and no longer racing in the CB300. Everyone is going to be fine with a bit of rest and some TLC.

From Allen's BLACK team WILLIE came into Lake Louise not 100 percent, which is unusual for him. He's one of those dogs that gets on with it with minimum fuss. A veterinary consult with Hayden told us he has a sore left tricep; Allen said he thinks he just stepped into a hole towards the end of the run and twisted or jarred it awkwardly. After resting and eating with his mates on the line I brought him back to the truck, gave him a long Algyval massage all over, popped on a coat and let him nap in his straw lined box. If you ever wonder about the bond between musher and dog you just need to see a musher when he has to drop a dog. It is quite moving to watch, quite frankly. As I lead Willie away Allen, who was on a tight schedule to booty and get out of the checkpoint right on time took a few moments to say "Thank you Willie, you are a good dog!"

In Tolsona FELIX came in to the checkpoint favouring his left leg a little. Vet Hayden examined him immediately and said he is an extremely stoic dog, especially for one so young as he could feel he had a bit of a wrist issue but Felix didn't squeak or complain. What a tough guy! Felix has eaten a nice big meal, had his Algyval massage and is now sleeping. Allen really didn't want to drop him but considered that, as this is the biggest race in Felix's life so far, that he didn't want to push him and risk a more serious injury. The next two legs will be done at speed!

Willie and Felix

From Aliy's RED team we have Tug who you heard about previously. She has rested well and is looking great.

In Lake Louise she decided to leave FANG and RAMBLER. FANG was a little dehydrated but is happy eating and drinking and resting. RAMBLER was simply tired. He hadn't eaten that well during the race and it caught up with him in Lake Louise. He has since eaten a meal plus a burger from the Lake Louise Lodge! Aliy always hates to leave anyone behind but it was the best decision for them.

Rang and Rambler

From Meghan's RED AND BLACK team we have LYDIA. She had a minor sore left wrist (have you noticed a pattern with left limbs?) and Meghan made the call to leave her in Sourdough Creek checkpoint. She will be thinking about Lydia's future and not wanting to risk anything more serious by continuing.

Meghan told us Lydia had done an amazing job over the really tough part of the course and she was very very sorry to be letting her go. She is now sleeping peacefully after a big meal and massage.

We really want to thank the entire veterinary team for their help, advice and understanding. They do a fantastic job and it is all volunteer! We value you more than we tell you.