CB300 - Communications Update

This text message from Moira is pretty self-explanatory... at least for those of you who are familiar with terms and fluent in text-speak.

For those of you who aren't, there's good news: The teams looked "GREAT!" coming into the Meiers Lake checkpoint and everyone is now sleeping well, including Aliy and Allen. (No news on Meghan yet, but she's moving well on the tracker and should be in soon!)

Moira confirms what we've heard elsewhere, that the trail is "wet" (which usually means wet, heavy snow) with lots of "overflow" (where river crossings have running water on top of the ice).

There's no such thing as "usual" weather/trail conditions on the CB300, but this is certainly not out of the ordinary. Every member of the SPK teams is very experienced in dealing with these conditions, so it's more of a nuisance than a problem at this point.

Finally, Moira reports that she has lost all internet connection. Again, this is a "normal" nuisance in the interior of Alaska. Communications there have gotten better over the past few years, but it's still a challenge!

We will all just have to wait until Moira gets to the Lake Louise checkpoint for our next photos/videos... Stay tuned!