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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brief Update from Meiers Lake

Update from the trail! Moira and Ray had two bars at Meiers Lake briefly and wanted to let everyone know what was happening. The call was short and choppy, but a wonderful surprise. 

Both Allen and Aliy are out of Meiers Lake after completing their 6 hour mandatory rest. Allen left with all 12 dogs and Aliy left with 11 dogs. No information is available about which dog was dropped or why at this time.  All of the remaining dogs and the two mushers looked great leaving the checkpoint. 

As reported earlier, the trail from Chistochina to Meiers Lake was very wet and punchy, but the cooler temperatures over night and today have improved the conditions. The trail from Meiers to Sourdough is reported to be hard and fast. 

Meghan and the Red and Black team are resting at Meiers Lake now after the challenging trek from Chistochina. It didn't look like she was worried about any of her dogs and is not expected to leave any at the checkpoint. 

Moira will post a complete update as soon as she has internet access. 


Lisa B said...

Thanks Kaz! You, Moira and Mac make 3 awesome DogLog updaters to go right along with the 3 awesome SPK mushers.

Karen in Maryland said...

thanks for the update.
I hope. the temps stay cold.

Anonymous said...

Great update, thank you! Julie V.

A-town's Becky said...

It looks like most of the lead teams took their 6 hrs plus start differential at Meiers Lake, with the exception of Sass. Allen and Aliy have taken 1 hr more rest than Gerry, and 1/2 hr more than Nicolas. With that factored in, Allen is in a solid second position about 17 minutes behind Nicolas.
Is your head hurting yet Macgellan, LOL

Anonymous said...

Ditto! Thanks to much for the update, hope the dropped dog is OK!!!


A-town's Becky said...

...or maybe only 14 minutes behind N. Better yet, Allen is gaining with every leg of the race. WOW

A-town's Becky said...

LOL, my head hurts. Bad math earlier.
I estimate that Allen is just 9 minutes behind Nicolas, and gaining with each leg. WOW

Anonymous said...

Now that Meghan is out of Meier's Lake with all 12 dogs, we know that Lydia, Outlaw, Mismo and Sandy are all still hanging in there, with the BIG DOGS! Woof woof! Go Meghan!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Thanks, Kaz, Moira & Mac for keeping us updated. Allen & Aliy are past the mandatory rest--how many of the other 12 rest hours have they already taken?

A-town's Becky said...

For Marilyn,
Now that Allen has left Sourdough, he has taken 15 of the 18 hours mandatory rest plus the start differential.
He has 3 more required hours of rest. Nicolas has taken 13 1/2, plus start differential, and has 4 1/2 more required hrs of rest.
Allen's early rests have helped his team...in the end, we will see which dogs did best with their rest schedules....
If Allen and his team can maintain, this will be a very close race.
Listen the Macgellan, he gives good advice. Look at the run times, and hope SPK has enough rest built into the required rests to keep closing the gap! :-)
Boo hoo, I have to go to work.