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Friday, December 20, 2013

Solstice Team Line-Ups

Four teams are racing tomorrow in the Solstice 100 or 50 mile race. Check out the team line-ups page for the full rosters and more information about each dog.

We're very lucky to have Wes (of "Wes and Wendy" fame), Allen's daughter Bridgett and of course, Allen's right-hand-man, Ray, helping us out of the starting chute!

Aliy's Red team will be lead by Quito and Scout, Scruggs and Scooter, Nacho and Boondocks, Mac and Chemo, Nelson and Willie with Biscuit and Felix in wheel.

Allen's Black team will be lead by Chica and I.V., Schmoe and Sissy, Rambler and Beemer, Clyde and Puppet, Lester and Tatfish with Bonita and Izzy in wheel.

Meghan's Red and Black team will be lead by Viper and Pud, Waylon, Ranger and Honda, Boris and Outlaw, Mismo and Fang with Pepe and Tug in wheel.

Moira's Red and Black Yearling team will be lead by Dingle and Spoog, Junior and Lydia, Dutch, Iron and Driver with Kodiak and Sandy in wheel.


Anonymous said...

Go get em everyone!! So looking forward to hearing how each team does.

A Big fan from California

marilyn cozzens said...

Good luck to all 4 teams. Go Aliy & Red team(since I sponsor it). Great team line ups.

Nessmuk said...

The Team Rosters look packed with power....must be hard to strategically pick and choose with so much talent in the dog yard! Good luck to all the Teams.....have fun, find your groove and be happy the racing season is finally here!! I look forward to reading the post race report!!

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

What gorgeous dogs!!! Have fun and make us all proud!!!

Great to know Wes and Bridget are handlers - thanks for stepping up!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

What a star studded line-up! Looking forward to read and see the pictures of the race when they become available!!! Best of luck.... with teams like yours, luck is a relative term, your dogs, and the work and love you put into them makes you true champions!!!

Brent Garvin said...

Go teams... Run hard and have fun!!

Jeff Buddington said...

TUG and PEPE together, YEAH BABY!!!

JCW said...

Is ther any competition out there against your power packed teams? Go teams SPK.

Lidia Dale-Mesaros said...

Good luck !! See you guys soon

Linda Toth said...

Chica and I.V. in lead .. Chica in lead!