Dog Booties

Sorting dog booties is an endless task. There are two types of booties: NEW and USED.

We receive NEW booties in bags of 100 - either small, medium or large. We then put same-sized booties into convenient "dog packs" (sets of four). We will have enormous piles of small, medium or large "dog packs". Before packing dog booties for a race we then look at the individual dogs that make up the racing teams. Let's say the RED TEAM is: Boondocks, Chipper, Olivia, IV, Scooter, Bonita, Tatfish, Biscuit, Mac, Boris, Mismo and Woody. The first four dogs wear smalls, the next four dogs wear medium and the last four dogs wear large. So, we take a gallon Ziplock bag and fill it with 4 SM, 4 MED and 4 LG "dog packs" - those bags are only for that team. Obviously the BLACK TEAM will have different dogs and different sized booties.

USED booties are any booties taken off a dog's feet. Some of these booties are ruined after 50 miles and have holes. These are normally thrown away or sometimes used as giveaways. The booties that are still good will be dried, sorted into sizes and made into "dog packs". We use these for training runs. The number of dog booties generated throughout a season of training is enormous.

We found a video from December 2009 about booties!

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