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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Breaking Trail

Two River dog mushers have been fortunate this winter in terms of weather. We have had plenty of snow and it seems to keep coming. There are many dog mushing trails in the area and as the snow continues to fall, many of them need upkeep.

Allen took the SP Kennel snowmachine out several weeks ago and broke out the trail along a Fire Break Trail running along the ridges to the north of the kennel. Then Aliy went out and drug the trail south of the kennel along the Chena River slough. During this adventure, the machine stopped suddenly - which happens when you hit something - but Aliy didn't. Oops. So, Aliy went through the windshield.

Aliy went out again yesterday with local mushers, Chase and Scott, in order to look at the trail for the upcoming Two Rivers Solstice Race. The trail was completely shut in some areas due to downed willows and trees. So, they broke out the trail and cleared it until Aliy's snow machine misbehaved. This cut the trail work a little short because the machine needed a tow. (Perhaps Aliy and machines don't speak the same language. Maybe this is why she sold her first snow machine to buy a sled dog.) Aliy took a very short video while out on the adventure. Here it is:

Many other folks have been out working on the trails. Eric broke out the Yukon Quest trail over Rosebud Summit. Rick and Sonny have been putting in more than their fair share of time working on the local trails. Derek has been out looking for new trails and grooming old ones. And Two Rivers trail boss, Greg, has been on the machine when he's not at his full-time teaching job. There are more people out there putting in loads of time and effort. Thanks!

Let it SNOW!


Lourdes, VT said...

Wow!!! Was there a 'whiteout' when you took the video Aliy? Visibility seems very low! However, the trail is just beautiful!!!

Dennis Nielsen-Wisconsin said...

It's amazing how much work goes into running a race, thank you all for all your effort for all of us to enjoy an event. You folks are all GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Package from SP Kennel arrived today with Black Team membership and a lovely Seasonal Greeting from Aliy and Allen.

Thanks so much and hope all is well!!!



JCW said...

And here I thought mushing was all play and no work.

Nessmuk said...

Wow....I can only imagine the work it takes to keep open miles and miles of trail!! Your post really demonstrates the passion and support folks up there have to the trails, keeping them open for all to enjoy! You all continue to amaze me!

Linda Toth said...

You know, at the end of the video there was another one, mystery pups - uncut. It was when Aliy and Mac introduced Chica's and Cutter's pups. Needless to say, as soon as Cutter heard Aliy speaking and then then name Boris, he was right here grinning like a fool.

When they become older and "sophisticated" it's hard to imagine how really goofy they were at one time!

G. Delichte said...

Do you always use a snow machine to break the trails? Or do you sometimes use your dogs to break the trails?