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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

40 Below

We've had a couple of cold snaps in Two Rivers so far this winter, most recently Sunday night and Monday when it hit 40 below. Even with husky coats, straw beds and big, warm meals the dogs expend a lot of energy just keeping warm at this temperature.

During the fall Allen and Meghan worked on the dog barn to "winterize" it with insulation and a door for this very moment! We've moved a bunch of dogs into the barn where they are double bunking with their mates and enjoying milder temperatures.

The dog barn is the perfect set up because each kennel has room for two dogs to comfortably sleep inside. As well, each kennel has a door to the outside. That way the dogs can use the bathroom "facilities" whenever required. The only glitch is that we've had a few dogs bumping into one another as one enters as the other one exits. Opps! This seems to be a small inconvenience for such comfort.


Nessmuk said...

Wow...we woke to 12 below here in the Adirondacks and I thought that was cold!! The dog barn is awesome.....excellent job SPK...everyone comfy cozy!! Our pack of 3 German Shepherds (and 2 humans) joined in at the communal howl at the end.....simply awesome!!

Dawn E said...

NICE! They looked like they were ready for a run though!

stormy said...

Thanks for the video.The Husky Choir was awesome!

MG said...

Awesome hotel for those crisp cool nights. my puppies like the singing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this video!!!

This is like big city living for the team! Loved how Quito came when called and Chica was camera shy!

Also, their howl was adorable - altho' "baying at the moon" from inside their duplexes isn't quite as authentic as some of their other howls in your wonderful videos!!! J.M.O.

Linda Toth said...

Love looking at them .. they look like they are on vacation in Hawaii.

How is it so warm inside with no insulation on the walls - the insulation in the ceiling then? How much does their body temperature contribute? Is the concrete floor cold for them to lie upon (colder than snow on the trail?)

I thought the advantage of the dog house was its close walls, less space to heat, but apparently not .. LOTS of questions.

Lourdes, VT said...

How comfy those pups are!!! You guys love your pups so much! Thank you!
Great howl!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I thought I had remembered this (as relates to "heating" dog barn:


--From the e-librarian

Anonymous said...

Just checked the link for the Two Rivers 50/100 Solstice Races and it looks like an Iditarod-quality sign up!!!

Go Moira! Go Meghan! Go Allen! And go Aliy!!! Lance, Jeff, Sebastian, Judy, Jodie - the regular race crowd comes to Two Rivers! Woof, woof!!!