Friday, November 8, 2013

Two New Puppies at SP Kennel

We are extremely happy to introduce you to Champ (left) and Cayenne (right). Their Mother is SP Kennel All-Star Nutmeg (from the Spice Litter) and their Father is a current SP Kennel Superstar, Nacho. This was a planned breeding before the arrival of Olivia's Eleven in mid July. Meg's pups were born September 7th. She had complications during labor and needed a c-section. Meg was a first-time 9-year old Mama, but she and the pups are doing well now. She is sleeping with both pups during the nighttime but spends most days in a pen right next door.

These two puppies are such a great reminder for us of who we are and what we stand for. The Spice Litter was a phenomenal litter because we gave them the chance to be great. They weren't the huge, burly male dogs that so many mushers "need" to compete. In fact, they were far better. They got us up the ladder in dog talent and desire to please. And of course, their parents were some of the best dogs ever at the Kennel - AJ and Ash. Aliy can still picture AJ winning the Yukon Quest with her 13 years ago. The Spice Girls (and boy) were all HEART and when they were racing, they were dedicated to US. To breed that with Nacho's genetics, physical talent and happiness is exactly where we want to be now! It's exciting to connect the past with the future.

Cayenne is sponsored by Lynne Danielson (Spice Girl Rose's longtime Dog Sponsor.)
Champ is sponsored by Eunice Thaeler (Spice Girl Meg's longtime Dog Sponsor.).


Lynne D said...

I am so thrilled that this line was able to continue. The ties between the past and the future through these two little ones is what makes SP Kennel so great - I am glad I can be a part of it. Auntie Rose sends a loving HOWL!

Nessmuk said...

What great additions to the SP Kennel!!! Congrats all around! Love the names and spicy champion genetics from Mom and Dad...very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea to keep the Spice Girls' persona going!!! Love the tie to continuing sponsorship of the line!

You call them the "high 'c'" litter

And Mr. Nacho is quite the sire!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

How beautiful those little puppies are! I'm glad Mommy is doing fine as well! :)

Marilyn Cozzens said...

WOW. What cute adorable puppies. Great genetics--no doubt will be future SP Kennel stars. 13 puppies in one year, that is your most ever isn't it?
SP Kennel is the best.

Holly Freeman said...

This is fantastic! A hat tip to Nutmeg, Nacho and these beautiful healthy puppies!!

Anonymous said...

With 13 2013 pups, SPK is pretty close to a full Iditarod team in one year.

Very exciting, and they are totally adorable.


A-town's Becky said...

Ha ha, SPICY NACHOS! Who doesn't love spicy nachos?!!!
Champ and Cayenne are absolutely adorable. With their genetics they are sure to add substance to their team.
Ditto Heather.

Linda Toth said...

I like burly male dogs, Cutter, Mac, Nacho, Boris, Biscuit, Spoog .. I can go on, but you get the idea.

Margaret said...

Actually, SP Kennel has it all- the big dogs, the medium sized dogs and the smaller dogs. But they have, all of them, the personalities of dogs who are loved as members of a wide.

If they could speak, they would probably tell us how much they love being members of SPK racing teams!!!

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see Champ and Cayenne's photo up with the puppies page soon. These two are so cute.
padee Santa Rosa, CA