Thursday, November 28, 2013


We're thankful for:

  • the lives we have lived 

  • the life still ahead of us

  • the love of our family and friends

  • the dedication, commitment and joy in our dogs

  • Waylon greets every day with a smile.


    Anonymous said...

    Well said.

    I would only add this:

    Enjoy every day as a separate life in and of itself.

    Marilyn Cozzens said...

    Happy Thanksgiving to mushers, kennel crew, and all the wonderful dogs @ SP Kennel. Today is your first race isn't?

    Anonymous said...

    We are especially thankful this year for the gift of being able to sponsor one of Olivia's pups from the FIRE litter (Chena).

    --Margaret & Al

    Nessmuk said...

    Ditto.....we are Thankful for all of this years bounty (especially the buck I bagged this am.....finally) and an extra special thanks for the opportunity to be Chemo's sponsor...and finally, I think we can all be thankful to be on the cusp of a NEW exciting SPK racing season!!!!

    Dennis Nielsen-Wisconsin said...

    I'm thankfull for SPK Kennel (Aly, Allen, And all the volunteers ) everyone of the athletes and the opportunity to follow you on a day by day basis, year round! You all do such a phenominal job. What an honor to follow you, thank you, TO ALL, for making that possible!!!

    Lourdes, VT said...

    We have so many reasons to be thankful....! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiencies with us!!! God bless SP Kennel...All of you (mushers, helpers, and above all beautiful, sweet, hardworking dogs!!!