Sunday, November 24, 2013

SP Kennel Dog Fan Club Details

IT'S HERE! The SP Kennel Dog Fan Club kicks off today!

You will find two new pages on the doglog - the first one gives you information about the Fan Club and instructions on how to join. Click the button below to take you to this page.

The second page is the Fan Page itself with pictures of the dogs along with the names of their fans. Click on the button below to take you directly to the Fan Page.

Every two weeks, starting December 1st one lucky Dog Fan will win a prize pack; the Fan's dog will get an extra handful of biscuits from the "Dog Fan Biscuit Bucket" and at the end of the mushing season all Dog Fans will receive a postcard from Nome (or Two Rivers) following the Iditarod.

For a limited time, if you have already "supported the doglog" and wish to switch your "team", "wheel", "swing" or "lead dog" support to become dog fans please email us on before December 15 and we will happily switch it over for you.

Please note also that the fan page doesn't automatically update, we do it manually, so we will try to keep up with demand as much as possible. We will update the page at least twice a week.


Anonymous said...

Yippee! Cant wait to decide who to root for. BTW- I think that Mismo's photo is Spoog on the Dog fan page. With so many dogs not hard to miss one! love to CHA CHA!
Padee- Santa Rosa CA

Dawn E said...

I have wanted to show my support in some way and this is right up my budget...I mean right up my Aliy, I mean alley...sheesh...anyway, thanks!

Lourdes, VT said...

This is great!!!! Myself, my golden retriever Zachary and my kitty Spock are now TATFISH Fans!!!! Go Tatfish!!!

Marilyn Cozzens said...

Thanks for the dog fan club. I selected some of the great dogs & my 4 dogs approved of the choices. Could you slip a few extra biscuits from the biscuit bucket to Tinder? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

If no one else has mentioned this lately, you guys are the best!!!

Things look up to date and awesome with the Dog Log, new features for the 2013-2014 season!

P.S. Best of luck to ALL the dogs for a great season. On with strength and endurance training and muscle building and hope they all earn bragging rights back at SPK!!!

Shelley Toth McGregor said...

Hello from Wisconsin - Hope that Pud is in fine shape now! Great mushing Aliy & Allen!