Friday, November 15, 2013

Introducing... Shiner

When Aliy and Allen went to the village of Allakaket, above the Arctic Circle, this Spring to compete in the Koyukuk River Championship Sprint Race they wanted to bring a dog home with them. Allakaket is where Aliy got one of her first sled dogs: Fats. He is the grand-daddy or great grand-daddy of many of the dogs at SP Kennel today. Aliy and Allen walked through at all of the village dog yards looking at dogs. As it turned out, the perfect dog was actually living in the dog yard where Fats had come from 20 years ago! So Aliy and Allen convinced the dog's owner, Steven Bergman, that his cute little blue-eyed female should come live in Two Rivers with them. Only after serious contemplation did he let her go.

Shiner has been at SP Kennel since April. We have been teaching her the ways of our kennel: no arguing, learn to find your house on your own, enjoy your freedom yet come when called, and work hard in training. So far she is doing well! She turned two years old in September and we are excited to see how she develops. Shiner is the only adult newcomer to SP Kennel since Puppet and Fang came to us 2 years ago. Shiner has big strides ahead of her to try and fit into a Championship long distance kennel - but she's doing her best!

Shiner has blue eyes and a tough face - just like Fats did! Maybe there is even a distant family resemblance.

Shiner is sponsored by long time SP Kennel sponsors Deb and Hunter Davis.


Heidi Phillips said...

Shiner has great blue eyes and a wonderful smile on her face...routing for Shiner as she learns that life will be great for her at SP Kennels!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Shiner!!!

Woof, woof!!!

Anonymous said...

Shiner is a beautiful girl!

Frances (Boris' sponsor)

Marilyn Cozzens said...

What a cute young lady Shinner is. There does seem to be a resemblance with Fats. She will learn quickly with such excellent teachers she has with all of you folks.

Nessmuk said...

OMG....what a smile that girl has! Awesome story, and YES, I think there is some "Fats" in the genes there! Wow...another addition to SPK....2013 certainly brought about a population explosion for you all!! One BIG Happy Family!!

Moosekahl said...

Look at that half cocked smile! She's like, I "think" i'm home, "am I ok". She looks ready to please. Would love to come meet her! Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I thought of Fats right away when I saw Shiner... what a nice addition to SPK!

Julie V.

Margaret said...

The genetics of speed may be bred into Shiner!

A fast dog who knows she's cute, "Smiler" Shiner, with a sunny disposition - now she'll build endurance into that training with the 2-legged champs at SP!

Woof, woof!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

What a pretty girl she is!!!! She will shine in no time!!! :)